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A. Philip Randolph Campus High School Reviews

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Joining the College and Career Preparatory Institute with Mr. Thompson was the best thing that I could have done. This program prepares you for the SATs, self- confidence in preforming on stage and in life, interview and resume skills, the college search process and college visits. He teaches inner-city high school students about liberal arts colleges, scholarships and just an overall idea as to what to expect during the transition from a public high school to a university or private college.
As a rising sophomore I can finally say I am satisfied of my freshman year at Randolph because gained support from everyone then I expected which is a good thing and so I’m looking forward to be a source of help to others as well. Randolph Is a great school full of opportunities for all.
A Philip Randolph is a very diverse school. A lot of kids from many different diversity attend this school. We have very good guidance counselor and they help us no matter. They will tell us what we need to do to be on track to graduate on time. We have a alot clubs that students join. The teachers want to see us students succeed in life.
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It’s a very diverse school in clubs and sports many good teachers nice college ready classes and has a variety of programs
My experience at A Philip Randolph throughout my whole high school year was amazing. There was a lot of clubs that I was able to participate in. The staff is amazing and the school has everything for the students to be successful.
This is school is less than average. The students are not very diverse, the facilities are in need of an upgrade, and the education is just barely high school level in my grade. The culture of the school is toxic, and at times it is less than safe . However, most of the teachers genuinely care about the well being of their students, both academically and in general. There are many programs available to prepare and inform students about and for college. There are also a wide range of clubs to join, and I have made great number of friends from doing so myself.
My Experience at A. Phillip Randolph Has been great for the most parents very welcoming from most students and staff, Has lots of things to do to keep you occupied. Staff helps and actually wants to help you succeed. But there are some necessities that are missing and the students that are not welcoming and helpful can definitely be a problem
My experience going to this school was memorble and I will not forget what I experienced there. My first day started with my best friend and I at the time and I remember walking up all of these steps that resided in front of the school, we both looked at it as if we couldn't handle it, but, we did it anyway. There was going to be 4 years of that we said to ourselves that we mind as well start getting used to it now. That was our first impression of the school. From my first day at the school, well into my last time was a great experience. My teachers were passionate, loving, and caring individuals. I had great prosocial relationships with all of my friends. School saftey personell were pretty awesome too.
This school is a great choice! It's full of extracurricular activities and helps us get ready for the future. In this school, many of the teachers care about you. For example, my Chemistry teacher, Ms. Zapana, always paid attention to us by helping us during or even after school on the subject! This school will help us be the kids of the future!
I experence I would say it normal,like any other high school.It petty good it has a few ruff patches but what school doesn't.
My school has shown me how many people can come into one academic environment and form a great bond no matter the race , gender choice , or ethnicity. It have also shown me how to make the best of any situation. While attending this school I was evicted out of my home,I began living with my grandmother and everyday I attended school the energy was just positive and it held me up through the tuffest time in my life.The community can have a negative impact but the teachers and students helped me too the ended and helped me better myself as a person
A. Philip Randolph Campus High School is a great choice to make if you are pursing anything medical related. There is a plethora of must-take opportunities for the medical academy that makes Randolph shines. If they were to show some light towards the humanities and engineering academies, that would push Randolph even further.
A. Philip Randolph Campus High School isn't the best school but it is a really good school for those wanting to learn and grow. This school offers a lot of extra-curricullar activities. Also, the school features the ccpi program for students who are interested in the arts & college prep.
A. Philip Randolph is a school that is very diverse. There are over 100 nationalities represented at the school and all are made to feel welcome. The opportunities for community service, internships and extra curricular activities are unlimited.
College Prep. is started early on at the school. As a Senior, the process can be overwhelming. I feel Randolph has prepared me.
My overall experience at Randolph has been positive. The school has fostered excellence academically and positive social interaction with my peers and beyond.
I had a great experience at a phillip randolph, i got to know all the staff including all the school safety agents. i was eveen offered a job while i was there. great teacher too.
This high school is a great school. Here you build friendships that will last forever. Most teachers at this school are very nice and kind and actually help students while others have favoritism and won’t help out certain students. This school has a great diversity and school culture. Although there aren’t many clubs there are a few dance clubs where you can perform on stage for our school as well as others. The academics at this school are very good although I do wish for it to have more. Lastly, this school does have an average rate for college readiness mostly because they do talk about college once you begin high school but there are a few things I wish they had told me when I was a freshman that would’ve greatly helped me in my junior year. There is also a wide variety of sports in this school and the coaches do try to get as many members as possible. I do community service in the main office and I do see a lot of parents involved with their child’s school and education.
My experience at A.Philip Randolph Campus High School was pretty good, it offers a variety of sports teams (I was on the volleyball and track teams), offers many programs and partnerships such as teen curators and many more opportunities, I felt included in the community presented, it was a safe place and fun to be in and had a really good learning environment.
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A. Philip Randolph Campus High school was a community where you were surrounded by people that looked like you and could relate to you. Everyday I was able to come to school and feel as if I was in a well rounded community where you weren't judged by the way you looked. I enjoyed he after school programs and the atmosphere. The teachers were very helpful and kind as well. Two things that I would change are students who constantly show excellent grades academically should have the privilege of going out for lunch. This would help encourage more students to do better in their classes because they know thatchy would be rewarded.Also, the type of students that are let into the school should change. Their should be a background check or an interview for some students.
This school is very underrated when it comes to school culture. Faculties are extremely easy to talk to and often become students best friends that make sure they are doing good in classes. Teachers always want the best for students and make the effort to get them to be academically good. The principal listens to the students and allowed more clubs and activities to be active, creating a more oppurntunistic and creative outcome for students.
The reason why i chose to go to A philip Randolph campus was because in the second round i got into this school and it had the program that i was interested in. That program is medical.
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