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A. Philip Randolph Campus High School Reviews

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A. Philip Randolph is a school that is very diverse. There are over 100 nationalities represented at the school and all are made to feel welcome. The opportunities for community service, internships and extra curricular activities are unlimited.
College Prep. is started early on at the school. As a Senior, the process can be overwhelming. I feel Randolph has prepared me.
My overall experience at Randolph has been positive. The school has fostered excellence academically and positive social interaction with my peers and beyond.
I had a great experience at a phillip randolph, i got to know all the staff including all the school safety agents. i was eveen offered a job while i was there. great teacher too.
This high school is a great school. Here you build friendships that will last forever. Most teachers at this school are very nice and kind and actually help students while others have favoritism and won’t help out certain students. This school has a great diversity and school culture. Although there aren’t many clubs there are a few dance clubs where you can perform on stage for our school as well as others. The academics at this school are very good although I do wish for it to have more. Lastly, this school does have an average rate for college readiness mostly because they do talk about college once you begin high school but there are a few things I wish they had told me when I was a freshman that would’ve greatly helped me in my junior year. There is also a wide variety of sports in this school and the coaches do try to get as many members as possible. I do community service in the main office and I do see a lot of parents involved with their child’s school and education.
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My experience at A.Philip Randolph Campus High School was pretty good, it offers a variety of sports teams (I was on the volleyball and track teams), offers many programs and partnerships such as teen curators and many more opportunities, I felt included in the community presented, it was a safe place and fun to be in and had a really good learning environment.
A. Philip Randolph Campus High school was a community where you were surrounded by people that looked like you and could relate to you. Everyday I was able to come to school and feel as if I was in a well rounded community where you weren't judged by the way you looked. I enjoyed he after school programs and the atmosphere. The teachers were very helpful and kind as well. Two things that I would change are students who constantly show excellent grades academically should have the privilege of going out for lunch. This would help encourage more students to do better in their classes because they know thatchy would be rewarded.Also, the type of students that are let into the school should change. Their should be a background check or an interview for some students.
This school is very underrated when it comes to school culture. Faculties are extremely easy to talk to and often become students best friends that make sure they are doing good in classes. Teachers always want the best for students and make the effort to get them to be academically good. The principal listens to the students and allowed more clubs and activities to be active, creating a more oppurntunistic and creative outcome for students.
The reason why i chose to go to A philip Randolph campus was because in the second round i got into this school and it had the program that i was interested in. That program is medical.
This school was very fun experience for me. The people here are fun the teachers are okay and the clubs and activities here are endless.
I feel like the students, teachers, all other faculty and staff within the school, and the school itself made my experience at Randolph great. Despite a seemingly negative perception, I haven't found there to be anything wrong with the academic experience here at Randolph. Socially, I have made some of my very best friends here at Randolph. Randolph has left its mark on me and going forward I intend to carry on a positive, lasting impression of this school.
A. Philip Randolph is a great school to find what your interests are. The staff are very supportive and link students to many programs that help with college applications and community service. Moreover, there are several clubs for students to get involved in school and in the community.
I liked the numerous Advanced Placement classes that they offer. I also liked the improvements that were made around the school like painting murals, better exercising machines, and offering electives that are fun like art and music.
i didn't like APR at first, but then i just stuck with it and now i am glad i go here. this school offers medical engineering and a humanities field. If you are really interested in the medical field i would suggest going here for it. There are many programs that can help you go straight into it and even other programs that can get your college ready.
It was a good experience with a lot of culture. However you will not find much diversity. The teachers are great and most of the classes are really amazing. However there are times when people might not feel like they are getting the best services because f the lack of communication between administration and students. There are times only a select few students know the resources available to them I would like to see change in the diversity. There are literally almost no white students in this school. If someone wants to get out of their comfort zone this school is good however you will have to remember that you will only see one culture of people here.
The school is well diverse to accomadate the needs of students , parents and community. in which it provide a wealth knowledge with teachers...
A Philip Randolph was a great school because of the times I had with friends. The school feels like a family despite the size. The only things I would change were the student advisors. I feel like they didn’t really do as much as they could have to prepare us for college, so a lot of us had to learn things on the fly.
It was the best experience ever, it's a wonderful school filled with a variety of backgrounds for each student
My experience with the after school program are one my favorites because it filled with educated and enthusiastic people. I like the many Ap class the school offers. In the future I will like to see the polices of the school to be practice.
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I was able to express myself . I was given a wide range of options of clubs to join . Such as dancing , art club , also I love that you were able to join these clubs with no experience . They were very open to newcomers .
There were very good teachers, however, education quality was declining as the school was not as selective with its students. There were often a lot of fights and chaos in the hallways, and disruption in the classroom.
The school was excellent in the teacher's departments but I believed it needed to upgrade their conduct policies for student.
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