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My experience with the after school program are one my favorites because it filled with educated and enthusiastic people. I like the many Ap class the school offers. In the future I will like to see the polices of the school to be practice.
I was able to express myself . I was given a wide range of options of clubs to join . Such as dancing , art club , also I love that you were able to join these clubs with no experience . They were very open to newcomers .
There were very good teachers, however, education quality was declining as the school was not as selective with its students. There were often a lot of fights and chaos in the hallways, and disruption in the classroom.
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The school was excellent in the teacher's departments but I believed it needed to upgrade their conduct policies for student.
My experience at A. Philip Randolph Campus so far has been a very eye opening and unique experience. Although it is a fairly big school, many teachers and other staff find it necessary to engage in one on one relationships with students to ensure that all needs are taken care of, which I admire greatly. I have met a variety of representatives from different institutions while attending Randolph as well as given multiple opportunities to broaden my options beyond high school. Networking has been a major encouragement in my school.
Great school , great teachers , will make you feel at home . Will really help you develop. Came into A Phillip Randolph campus as a lonely kid scared of what the world was going to bring me . However , the faculties always make me feel safe and always are ready to listen to whatever I have to say which really boosted my confident and self esteem
It's a great school and faculty members will try to help you to achieve your goals. Very diverse school. The school offers lots of future related knowledge.
If you stay motivated and focus on what you need to get done, you'll do very well. There are a lot of opportunities that are offered to you.
My experience was good. The teachers that i had, tried their best to help me and other students. After spending four years there, the school and teachers became like family to me. One thing i would like to see change is the management of the students. I would like to see an increase in security.
It's a decent school, for people who don't wait for things to come to them. To be successful at a school of this size, you have to be a go getter. You have to be motivated and surround yourself with like minded people rather than negative influencers. The school exposes students to many programs, students leaving this school often have a lot of extracurriculars.
The teachers care for the students and the sport teams are like family. I attended all AP classes when I attended and my experience was great.
I love how the school is so involved when its time to search for colleges. The programs here help you from the start of your freshman year to senior year decide what is it that you want to pursue and do.
The teachers care about getting the students to graduate. Although most students don't behave, if you are focused on you and paying attention to your education you, should be just fine.
This school is a good school. Everything needed is offered, so passing classes shouldn't be a problem if you attend all your classes. Personally, I liked that I had the opportunity to take AP classes, this provided an extra challenge and really tested your knowledge on the subject.
The after school program was great. CCPI was a great way to get the students involved in after school activities.
School offered a lot. Staff and and facilities are pretty good and very helpful. Only thing Idont like about the school are some of the type of people that attend Randolph some act like they have no home training but they just need guidance and Randolph helps them .
The teachers are very friendly and very encouraging. I always feel as if they want me too pass my classes, not only as their job but also because it really does feel like they want too see me succeed. I can't say the same for the students. They tend to be very lazy and rude.
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My experience at A Phillip Randolph was not the best,I mean the activities were amazing,but the teaching methods sucked. Every day I smelled weed in the halls,constant fights. It just was a horrible experience for me. I wanted to feel safe,but I didn't
It's a very good school with a lot of choices. There's a lot of program like gateway,AP classes and National Honor Society
A school with diligent and ardent teachers. They are eager to teach and many love to brighten student's day with a warm smile. Although the students are not necessarily the best student ; however , I can say for sure that the teachers gave me one of the best high school experience I can ask for.
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