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A. Philip Randolph Academies of Technology High School Reviews

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I kinda liked the high school. It does prep you for college early by its classes and academy. But you are a sportsmrn, I advise you to go somewhere else because gym is close enough for you to play sports.
Ive been going to this school since my freshman year and nothing has changed. Each year I've had multiple classes that I didn't learn anything in due to not having a teacher.
If you are thinking about sending your child here, think hard. This school does not have great programs for your child but nonetheless, it isn't worth sending your child to. The kids and teachers have the i-don't-care attitude and I don't feel they are pushing the kids to learn anything.
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I am a senior at a.philip Randolph high. All my four years my first year there was fun but tenth and eleventh was boring . I know we aren't a fun school but we should've had activities throughout the year do it can look good on our transcripts for going to college. Now in my twelfth, we have a new principal and she has stepped up make our senior year a little bit better. She started clubs, we don't have to wear uniforms, and she brought back the construction program.
Not very many clubs or activities and no sports.
Not very many clubs or activities available and no sports.
The concept of the school is great but poorly implemented and the majority of the staff are horrible. I came away with 4 certifications but I honestly don't remember any of the material they are for. They just teach so you can pass the tests.
Only a handful of teachers at this school are any good and can actually teach well.
The teachers at A. Phillip Randolph are really loving and supportive
The school goes under changes that students maybe surprised with
The report cards do not come out until the middle of the next quarter
The lack of extracurricular activities is awful, and I feel like the introduction of clubs and organizations would boost student morale heavily.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time at this school. I have no single favorite experience because there have been multiple instances that could qualify as my favorite. What makes this school unique is its small population size of only about 400 students, resulting in more direct student-teacher communication. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over because I have made some great friends here and have overall learned a good amount of information, both in my classes' curriculums, and about the real world in general.
Overall, the teachers at this school are friendly, and respect students that respect them. Generally, teaching styles are lecture-based, with students taking notes about the lecture while the teacher is talking. I feel as though my teachers have adequate understandings of their respective fields, and they express them generally well. These teachers, however, are very inconsistent about grades. Often, weeks will go by without an assignment being graded and returned to the students, and there have been multiple failures to digitally update grades properly, resulting in students believing they are failing the course.
not like a average high school. i would add sports
Teachers here are interested in the topic they teach
My overal experience was great. I learn new things from the teachers and always had a good time weather was in the school environment or outside
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Honestly I believe the school is a great school. I learned so much from the teacher in different ways in wich other school don't teach you the same.
There are not clubs at the school.
Not much has occurred this year due to changes in discipline. It's a relatively safe school to attend even though it's an open campus.
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