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My son has enjoyed his time at APG. He's in 8th grade and especially appreciates his wonderful teachers who have challenged even while entertaining him (because at this age, don't the two go together sometimes)?
I really liked how it was easy to make a lot of friends. Over my 3 years of attendance, I have made friends with almost all of the 300 people of my graduating class. We all became close and hung out a lot at school and over the weekend.
Usually, AP Giannini Middle School is a very sporty school who has won a lot of championships and are known for their wins. There are usually a lot of people who come to the games and support out school. Last year, the school implemented a cheerleader program to go to each sporting event.
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There are not a lot of judgmental people at this school. Mostly everyone is in their little cliques, which consists of different ethnicities. I would say that the students are very involved in their school and are very spirited. There is a great environment where people can be who they want to be with bullies or judgements.
I had a social studies teacher in 7th and 8th grade, Mrs. Lau. She always assigned projects and reports about world history and these lessons help me understand a wide range of knowledge. With the many projects she assigned, she walked through the connection between all of the projects and it was almost just like a story. Mrs. Lau was to a critical grader but she was was considerate to about her grading. In school, she always tries to engage the students to stimulate the conversation, Overall, i think Mrs. Lau was one of the best teachers I had that helped me develop my knowledge.
This school provides a great community with no bullying. At lunch, there are always teachers outside patrolling the courtyard to make sure there are no bad behaviors expressed by the students. AP Giannini Middle School has a progressive health education that was implemented to all students before they graduated. I learned about health and bullying in the 7th and 8th grade. Overall, I think this middle school has has a great health and safety policy for students to be safe.
There was always opportunities for me to get help and get ahead.
I wouldn't have liked to spend my middle school, awkward, adolescent years anywhere else.
I have not had any concerns for my safety from my time here.
It's a middle school, so not a lot of extra curriculars are available.
During my time at AP Giannini, we participated in run day Monday, which constituted a large portion of our PE grade. The campus is huge, allowing plenty of exercise for a variety of sports.
This school has great teachers.
Everyone was interested in joining a sport.
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