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A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School Reviews

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I enjoy New Tech, but I believe there should be more activities and sports for the students. Other than this, the academics are very excellent and students gain understanding from classes. Our faculty and staff are very caring for our education and making sure we are sucessful. It is safe to say New Tech High School prepares the students for college and university.
When I first entered A.Maceo Smith New Tech High School, it was still new, but the teachers were amazing. I enjoyed how the teachers really pushed us to actually do something better with ourselves especially since we are a school in a low-income neighborhood. The outcome of attending this high school had a 99% college entrance rate with over $600,000 in scholarships from the graduating students.
I like that the teachers are very helpful to the students.They engage with us in all the activities we do.They help us understand the subject they are teaching us about.
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A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School is a good small school that has helped me focus on what I want to do with my future and offers much academic help. It may not have many sports but it allows everyone to explore themselves.
I enjoy the everyday experience here.I also like the freedoms we get, it gets me pumped for college.
I am part of the class of 2018 and I have had fun for these past 3 1/2 years. I loved the teachers that I had because they were really involved with us and taught us information in fun ways. Therefore, is the reason that my freshman year was the first year that I ever really passed my history test because of the teacher I had. Over the years they have been creating more sports, so I am in the volleyball team and I love it.
Here at Maceo we are a technology bound school based off of “Trust, Respect, and Responsibility”. Maceo has a program called AVID, and it is a college readiness class that prepares you for the real world. We also offer Dual Credit classes as well as AP classes, to help you while you’re transitioning off to college and can already have a feel for it.
I enjoyed the implementation of different types of learning in the classroom. With our school integrating Project Based Learning and technology in the curriculum it made for a very diverse learning environment that encourages collaboration and technology as a foundation for higher learning. A. Maceo Smith New Tech Highschool helped me developed 21st century skills and successfully prepared me for a competitive global society.
To put it simply, New tech, is a school that actively seeks to improve the experience of their students. They have extraordinary teachers that'll challenge you to do your best and keep you eager to learn more.
I am three days from finishing my second year as a student at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School and I am loving it. Being a student at this high school has allowed me many wonderful opportunities, such as meeting some of my closest friends, learning more about technology, being in leadership roles, helping to create something huge, and much more. Although we are a tough school and sometimes things become too much, which I believe is normal of high school, it is helping me to grow into a great person and build a better future for myself. Overall, as a sophomore student becoming a junior student at this school, I would proudly invite others from any type of background to come to A. Maceo Smith New Tech High school to come and spend the best years of your life here with us.
It is a place where dreams can be reality of you put hard work and dedication to it and also you find long time relationships with certain people you meet.
I graduated from this school last year and I loved all four years there. Even though teachers left, the environment stayed the same. The faculty was involved with the school and made sure we made it through. There were a lot of opportunities given and taken at Maceo.
I really like the experience of being at a new tech school, mainly because it is project based learning where you have to learn to put aside differences and work as a team. I feel like its a really good school to go to which tries to get you ready for college, but from graduated individuals I have learned that DISD doesn't really get you college ready. The only thing I really have to complain about is that they took along time to get teachers, and for a extended period of time we didn't have a Pre-Calculus teacher or Algebra, but now we do.
Overall my experience here was fun because I got to be involved in a bunch of clubs they had to offer and I also got to help the community
I love this school so much.There's no fights and it's a fairly small school,so it's easy to get to your classes and everyone knows each other.
A maceo smith is very different from other schools. We focus on Project Base Learning (PLB) it prepares of for the outside world. We also get to use technology through the whole school.
A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School is a great school environment with a great student body and excellent faculty. Everyone encourages you to do your best and do what you need to do to receive a higher level of education.
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I really love this school it's based of family of education. There's nothing that I can't do that maceo tells me if I put my mind to it I really love this school I've never been anywhere else that have the same feeling as this school I've been here for four years now in its seem like it's never going to get old I've never been at a school soo long that I began to think there family I really would like to thank maceo for making me realize every thing in seeing that there are teachers that actually care about students.
The school overall work ethic and academics are great, however, the food of the school is not so good and we have no sports as we are tech school. But when it come down to learning and experience this school,
it truly is a difference experience from any other school.
As a senior of A. Maceo Smith New Tech high school I have expereinced a wonderful four years in this academic facility. From the teachers to the classrooms. They both offer a magnificent enviroment where learning and improving are the priority. The teachers support you in any matter, academic or personal. Furthermore I can say being in this school has changed me for the better. The people are very kind and generous. We learn explicit values such as trust, respect and responsibility. Everybody knows each other and treat each other as family. For we are a small high school with less than 400 student.
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