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At Prince Tech all of the teachers and staff work hard to make sure you are on the right path. They are all friendly and take the time to know you. If you need help you get help and no one is left behind. The only thing I would change is how small the school is. More kids should be accepted to Prince Tech and get to experience what I do.
Prince Tech is really only good if you want to enter into a trade right out of high school or continue your eduction on that trade. The school offers many trades such as Culinary, BioScience, Carpentry, Automotive, and many more. Once you earn your trade certifications, you may or may not need to attend College to dive right into that field of work. Other than that, the school is alright in general but may not be the best choice if you’re looking for something challenging.
Prince Tech is a great trade school, there's many shops to choose from. Then the teachers make sure students learning at the same pace . I would like to see more communication .
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Prince tech prepares their students for real life. The teachers speak to you and give good advice to get the students ready for the real world. They work with you and treat you with respect. It's a great school to attend and you graduate with a trade!
The music department was personally my favorite. But everyone worked as a team to always make everything great.
The teachers are always there when you need them. They are always willing to help out students to better our education.
Teachers are very immature. My shop teacher sits and argues with students on a daily.
They are ovverdramatic and overbearing sometimes.
Coming from a volleyball and basketball player, I love the extracurricular activities. I personally believe that besides becoming successful after high school, sports is what motivates me to coming to school everyday and keeping up my grades. I also believe that for many kids that play sports, its become a stress reliever for things we have to deal with outside of school.
High school can be a very bad or a very good experience for some. Personally I would place myself in the middle, but more towards the good side. As the years have gone by, I have created a name myself as being one of the best athletes but still staying on my grades. Unfortunately I would say if I can go back to the high school process I would've went to another school. I believe teachers are not caring enough towards their students, especially for the student who genuinely need help in a certain subject. I've personally been in situations where teachers compare me to other students who are completely different from me and expect us to be like each other. In addition, I believe everything in life should be balanced and second chances should be acceptable. In my school, if you can be one of the best students, academically or just by your character, but if you mess up, teachers will let their personal emotions conflict with their work towards you.
Going to technical high school may teachers struggle with the fact that they have to teach kids the material in 80 days, opposed to 184 days like regular high schools. But due to this, many of the students feel as if the teachers do not care if the student has success in their class or not. Of course we are high school students and should be able to juggle things on our own but at times, teenagers are dealing with situations they have never dealt with before. Most of us think we are in the age where we should have a plan on what we're doing with our life but in reality, we are still kids and still learning about how to transition into the adult world. For this I would have to rate my school a 3/5 because not all teachers care or prepare you for what is coming our way.
The academics a my school are very different than those offered at other schools. The curriculum is very different and students are held up to a different standard than those of a public school.
My school has an in-school clinic, 3 unarmed security guards, and 2 armed state troopers. Once a month the whole school is required to practice fire drill evacuations, what to do in the event of an intruder coming into the school, and occasional gas leak evacuations.
Extracurricular Activities at my school include the Art Club, Anime Club, Tutoring, Cheer leading, Football, Basketball, Track & Field, etc. In my opinion, not many students participate in these afterschool activities but those who do are very committed.
What makes this school unique is that students switch from trade to academic classes about every other week. If I could do it all over again I would no choose his school again. I feel as though he teaching styles, and the curriculum taught at my hometown school are very different than those of my current high school.
The teachers at my school have various personalities. Some may be more stern than others. Some may actually teach, and some give you a textbook to read and find answers from. My favorite type of teacher is one who is knowledgeable about what he/she is teaching and enjoys what he/she teaches. That makes for a good quality teacher.
This school was honestly everything to me I learned so much in such a little amount of time.
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I can honestly say if I was to do it all over again I would still choose this school. This school has helped me grow very much as a person and has taught me many valuable lessons that I can take with me after I graduate. It has taught me through the hard way who your real friends are, not to get involved in pity dramas and stay away from negative people. I feel this school has made me into a young hard working lady. The teachers have helped me gain so much knowledge and give me much advice. There is not one quarter that goes by where I don't make high honors and it is also thanks to them. My teachers push me to do better and prepare me for college. If it wasn't for this school I would've never been apart of so many free college programs such as Girl Scouts College Pathways and Career Beginnings. It's thanks to college pathways that I was able to gain so much information about college and the college process and also visit and stay over various college campuses. Thanks to career beginnings I have met my wonderful college mentor who has made the college process seem like a peace of cake. I will also never forget my wonderful college counselor. If it wasn't for her I would've been stuck living in the same unhealthy environment I've been living in since I could remember. After I told her about my situation my life changed and I had to make various adjustments but it was all for the better and I couldn't be more happy to spread these tears of joy just thinking about how I changed my life with her help for the better. There are so many "what if's" I ask myself daily. What if I would've kept my mouth shut and continued living my life as it was before day by day? What if I would've never went to Prince Tech? Would I have made the same choice? I am happy that everything is falling into its place and I feel confident that with the help of the staff at this school, failing is not an option. I will succeed.
The school policies at Prince Tech include the following: Students must be in school uniforms at all times which includes, having ID out and visible at all times, non Prince Tech outerwear allowed, use of cellphones in classes where they do not permit you to use it, no profanity, no inappropriate usage of school property, etc. When it comes to bullying in this school it is absolutely not acceptable under any circumstances at all. The school has posters all over the school to inform everyone about bullying and even have students make some to place on bulletin boards. If bullying does happen then there will be consequences such as inside suspension. These type of consequences also apply to violated dress codes and refusing to comply with school rule. As far as attendance goes, in this school they take attendance very seriously. If your child has not reported to school the parent will be receiving a phone call by a staff member working at attendance to ask and inform you that your child is absent. If the student is close to or exceeds the number of absences that can be made then a letter will be sent home to the parents and consequences such as court and credit denial may be involved. If there is a good reason why the student exceeded the number of unexcused absences then there can be something arrange such as after school programs to regain school credits.
There are a variety of clubs and organizations ranging from ski club, art club, anime club, to soccer, volley all, baseball, tennis, track, cross country, football and more. There are different levels of commitment for each sport and club, some are more strict than others and all depends on the coach as well but are basically the same when it comes to being dedicated to the team, coming to practice, being on time and prepared for warm ups and showing up to games. The girls volleyball team would have to be one of the teams that most improved as a whole together. Last year they no longer were coached by the school gym teacher Ms.Currey and instead by the new coach Ms.D. Coach D is a dedicated and hard-working women who throughout her adolescence years has been a major competitive athlete and had various scholarships from colleges for her accomplishments and talents in volleyball and also basketball. Coach D has made the girls learn what real volleyball is and showed them what being a team player is all about. Even if the volleyball team would lose a game their spirits and school pride made up for that. Not just volleyball but in all sports in Prince Tech nobody is left behind and are all treated equal and like family.
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