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This school got me ready for college pretty well. I was able to take the SAT for free and I learned so much I didn’t learn before. I am very proud to be a student here.
I believe the faculty should listen to the voice of students instead of ignoring it. There should be more opportunities to experience different colleges. But overall these past 4 years have been great with my friends
I like the fact that they are adding more AP courses. Opportunities for students to prosper in these classes should be one of their priorities as they are time worthy and do a lot for future use. Knowing that the school has implemented these type of courses says a lot for how much effort and time they are putting in for their students.
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I liked that at Hamilton, I got to experience a caring environment but still with the feel of reality. Teachers were not lenient on late work teaching us skills for the real work, but I did not like that it was not always easy to get in touch with teachers.
I've been attending A. Hamilton since the start of my high school career. I can honestly say that going to this school, I realized that they are very determined in steering each student into the right path. As a preparatory school, we specialize in college readiness as they help students get accepted into 4 year colleges. The teachers and administrators are very supportive and are impeccable when it comes to delivering lessons. I can vouch for their persistence and determination as they helped in cultivating my own ideas and opinions. They ultimately taught me how to be myself along with teaching me important academic lessons. I know have the structure I need to survive in college which I am grateful for. If I could change something, it would be the environment of the school. This regards to the building its self and its many features. They could use some improvement.
Well at Hamilton they is pretty easy but you have to be consistent with your work. The thing that I don't like is how they give dominoes pizza almost everyday. Also I don't like how the math teacher don't elaborate on their explaining and teaching.
I wouldn't wish to go to any other high school if I could have done high school over. Mr.Meade, Mrs.Loftus, Mrs.Parker, Mrs.King, Mr.Liquori, Mr.Kelada, and Mrs.Kelada are my favorite teachers. I really enjoyed their classes. Math isn't my best subject, but because of Mr.Kelada and his wife, I did well.
The school is somewhat reasonably strict about there policies. They want the best for the students.
There are variety of extracurricular activities for students to join during and after school.
Great teachers. Always there for my child.
are shelters in place are very succsessful . Students think its a joke when at random . dont take it serously as they should
There a little clubs through out the school year and no one really particaptes
At atleast all the football games the seats are filled.
Some teachers , not all , have a negative attitude tward students. One teachers I had showed favoritisim. The grading from one student another reflected that . I had the same wrong as another student . they recived a better grade then I did.
Extracurricular opportunities at my school are things you can try out, but require talent such as the art club or drama club. Some clubs little to none show up. Many students do not partake in these activities as they go home to do nothing after school, or make excuses to not join any club at all.
My school is located in an area where there is some violence, and that violence or violent mindset can linger into my school. Therefore many students want to be rebellious and it can affect the study of others who do not seek trouble at all and just want to succeed. What makes my school unique is the amount of the black and hispanic population changing some curriculums in all schools in my area not just ours. However, if I were given the chance, I think I would do it over again because I have made some mistakes I know I could have avoided, unfortunately I chose a different path. Thus, lowering my GPA, but now Junior and Senior year I am making a change, I tried Junior year and I'm going to try harder my Senior year.
Some teachers in my area are only in it for the higher pay check they receive than another teacher in other counties in my state. Some try very hard to watch us graduate and achieve at the end of our senior year, their teaching styles have affected some students, and some teachers are very open and are willing to help us out more than they need to.
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Some of the students get involved in sports and clubs. However, they are not involved in ethnic/racial diversity and/or sexual orientation. There is no peer pressure or challenges regarding these things. Moreover, students do have acceptance to ethnic/racial diversity and/or sexual orientation.
The teachers are always willing to help you if you ask for extra help. They follow the curriculum thoroughly. Moreover, the scheduling process is somewhat easy. The workload is fair due to the fact that this high school is among the best in the state. However, sometimes there are many work that is due at a same day and that can cause stress. If you are a student that always does their work and always pays attention, then the workload will be no problem for you. This school offers tutoring to those students who needs help in a specific subject.
Security guards and teachers go out of their way to protect students, from random sweeps and checks, to drills, and talks.
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