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A. Crawford Mosley High School Reviews

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Mosley has been a great experience! I have been able to take AP and DE classes to make my transcript look great. The administration and teachers enjoy being there which makes it nice to go to school. I am able to participate in sports, clubs, and other school activities. There is nothing better than being a Mosley Dolphin!!
My experience at Mosley High School was a good and challenging one. I have a learning disability and trying to achieve a higher level of education was a rough road. I did however, have plenty of help along the way and graduated with my class. Mosley was a small school so it was like family. There were many extra curricular activities that I participated in and was full of school spirit, as well as the rest of the school. I would recommend Mosley to others and will always have dolphin pride!
Mosley is an amazing place to create friendships, get involved, and still excell in coursework. Dedicated guidance counselors in the MAPPS office make sure you succeed and push you to do your best. Amazing, safe school.
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Great administration, and control over the students, with a professional but relatible fashion. Teachers are amazing and provide a save learning space for all students.
I like the fact that the campus is clean for the most part; I've never seen trash being a major issue for the school. Also, Mosley offers a variety of AP (College level) classes that I took. These classes had great teachers teaching them and the size of the classrooms themselves had more than enough room to seat the students in the classes.
I graduated Msoley high school in 2017. Overall it was a good school with good teachers who cared about you. The teachers push you to be better and achieve all you can. The only downside to the school is that the food in the cafeteria sucked majority, but most school lunches do now thanks for Mrs. Obama.
My experience with Mosley was excellent, inviting, and enjoyable. They offered many opportunities to students, such as clubs for nearly every interest and ability, and many different sports for us to participate. I would desire to see a recognition of some of the other sports rather than the focus on football.
I am currently enrolled in Mosley high School as a junior. It has been a fantastic three years. The only reason I don't rate it a 5, is because they push you into doing ap classes which are great unless you don't pass the exam. Overall, the school provides a great learning environment where everyone is treated somewhat equal.
The administration is involved and supports all areas of interest at the school. There are a handful of teachers that are amazing that truly care about their students. They share their faith and support. They somewhat compensate for the majority that don’t teach and go out of their way to make school hard and miserable.
Mosley High School is a place were you are free to learn and discover freely. They always have someone whether it’s a teacher, student, or administrator on hand to help you.
Kind of dirty, offers a lot of good classes for kids in the MAPPS program and prepares us for entering college very well but seems to ignore students who arent in mapps. Has a good connection to the local college you can even take duel enrolled college classes on campus at the college or at the high school.
Life’s a beach, especially when your school is located near Panama City Beach, Florida. Attending Mosley High School helped mold me into the successful young adult I am today. With a loving staff and faculty that did all they could to make sure us students succeeded, what more could you ask for? “Every dolphin is a star but class of 2016 is the brightest by far!”
I liked the sports program mainly. Very talented students when I attended. I like the dual enrolled classes as well.
My favorite thing about A. Crawford Mosley is how much they prepare you for college. There are so many people you can talk to about scholarships and what options you have for college. Counselors are very informative, making sure you have everything you need to graduate and what you need to do next after you've gotten your high school diploma. It's a very honest and welcoming environment and overall, a great school. My only problem is that it is a very crowded place. There are about 1,800 students and the hallways can get a little hectic!
Mosley has the potential to be a very good school. Issues I have is that there is not a single class to prepare you for the ACT and SAT test for college. So if you want help go somewhere else. There 2100 kids at the school I fully seeing that hard to manage but they give people iss (in school suspension) for the wrong reason? While there's kids doing way worse things. Besides that for how big the school is if you get the right teachers you will learn alot.
Mosley offers a very diverse selection of classes to be able to take both on the high school level and college courses. It gives students a great advantage and start on their college career.
I have gone to Mosley for the passed 4 years. It is just as you would suspect the average high school to be. The lunch is mediocre, and the bathrooms could definitely stand to have work done as there are literally no paper towels to dry hands, and the soap dispensers don't always have soap in them. Aside from these flaws the diversity of the school is okay, most of the people are relatively decent, and the staff are very friendly. Overall my experience here has been good and i am very excited to graduate in May and see what is next for me in life!
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I had a great experience at Mosley High School. All the teachers I had were really helpful and concerned about their students. I would like to see the school keep excelling.
I enjoyed my two years at Mosley but I believe that they didn't prepare me for college. My senior English teacher never made us write an essay. When I started 1101, I had no idea how to format an essay.
Mosley High School IS the school pride headquarters. Students and faculty take such great pride in their accomplishments and legacy in the Bay county district. The school offers a wide variety of AP and DE classes to students of all ages and really preps them for success in the "real world" many of the high school graduates further their education to College or Technical training center, all ending in success.
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