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Although the school is fairly large, you can always find something to get involved in thanks to the great staff and diverse student body. Sometimes it does seem like there is too much of a focus on certain electives over others, and the course level system (on-level, honors, and AP) needs a little work, but on the whole, the school is very good.
The girls soccer program is very unfair. I am a minority and never got treated the same as all the white girls. All of the english teachers suck and the physics teachers as well never learned a thing. Some of the APs are very i dont want to say racist but i have to. The restrooms suck and the wifi is so slow.
It's the average high school; especially if you grew up watching high school musicals. The food is decent, teachers are respectful, however, they lack empathy for students of different cultures. Most students are very insensitive to others but ultimately remain quiet for the sake of others.
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My High School provides the opportunities I strive for to be a successful leader and student. The baseball program is by far the best and throughout the year I have learned about velocity based training, leadership, agility, and most of all I learned about myself and what I want out of Baseball. Putting the work in pays off, and I feel very blessed to be apart of such a wonder high school. I have made wonderful friends that will last a lifetime.
At A&M Consolidated High School, they make a huge effort to try to get the whole student body involved and there is a place/club for pretty much everybody. The teachers that I have had have been amazing; they have expanded my world views and challenged me to be the best that I can be.
That being said, compared to other school districts in Houston, CSISD does hand out way more homework. The homework can become overbearing and time management is key.
Another problem that I see within Consol is the lack of effort to teach by some coaches. I believe that it is a requirement for most coaches to also teach. Most end up teaching history with a "let's get it done" attitude. Maybe without the requirement, the only people who teach would be ones who want to.
A&M Consolidated High School is diverse, more so than College Station High School. However, there are some issues with lack of diversity in AP classes. Consol is currently trying to fix that problem with programs like AVID in place.
I have spent the best years of my life at A&M Consolidated High School. The number of classes to choose from is endless. The school is very accepting and caring in all forms, and you won't find a single bad teacher.
Going to this school was fun. Everyone seemed cool with everyone. I was a varsity cheerleader so I it was fun being at activities such as football and basketball games. The rivalry between us and College Station High School was very big in the town so it was fun to compete against each other.
This is a wonderful high school where students are challenged while still being allowed to pursue the classes they enjoy.
I wasn't very involved as I only spent my senior year here. Teachers were exceptional, students were nice. Overall great experience.
It was a culture shock. I wish it was like my old school. There were a lot of slurs thrown around. The teachers were okay.
I enjoyed a lot about A&M Consolidated, I was involved in sports and some clubs. My experience was excellent and don't see any room for improvement.
My time at A&M Consolidated High School can be reflected in one word. Growth, I learned so much about myself, others, adults, and how all likes of people function under stress. Glad to be out! The electives were fun, core curriculum is pointless! let the children study what they're interested in.
Consol is a great school at times. They teachers are outstanding they are very caring they make you feel like they're not just teachers but more like guardians or something i have loved every teacher i had since i have been at consol. And my mom said she loves how well they communicate and let her know about everything that's going on. My favorite thing about consol is probably our school spirit i mean our pep rallies were always the best we had teachers doing the hottest new dance trends and everything. It was amazing. They could do a little better at showing their appreciation for all the other sports teams and not just football but i feel like every school only gives recognition to either football or basketball on a good day. Don't even get me started on the fine arts . All i'll say is our i love theater with all my heart but we definitely Don't get as much recognition as choir. But all in all i still love that school and i'm so glad i decided to go
I've had a good share of amazing teachers. Their coverage on relevant topics in news and in life such as consent and mental health is lacking though. The dress code has been updated to reflect more liberal views about sexualization of women's bodies, which I like.
Overall, this school taught me lot of things that I didn't know. What I Liked about this High school was the learning experience. It was a true learning environment if you didn’t know nothing you learned something. Also all the creative events they gave.
Consol is an amazing high school with an impressive and tightly connected network of inspiring teachers for all subjects. The student body is exceptionally diverse with people of different backgrounds all coming together to take part in the act of learning. The students are highly capable and intelligent. This school fits all the requirements and desires of any conventional high school and more! I do wish that the school had more renovation to help with leaks but quality is what matters and Consol meets that. I have made many memories here and am proud to be a Tiger.
I absolutely love Consol! It is not a beautiful school, but it has a awesome environment! Everyone looks out for each other, and traditions such as Homecoming Mums and overalls are highly encouraged! It the best place to be a high schooler!
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In my opinion it is a very good school to go to. The teachers there take the time out there day to help the students even if it means that they have to stay after school ends. The school energy is out of this world especially when it comes to the pep rallys that they have. The administration is always watching ready to help a student who are in trouble or need help trying to find places around the school and they are always the last ones to leave the school to make sure that the student get home safe.
I loved everything about A&M Consolidated High School! I wouldn't change a thing, the teachers and staff were my favorite part about this school!
A&M Consolidated High School offers a lot of academic and volunteer opportunities within the school. Within the four years of attending, Consol has always had school spirit no matter the location. The diversity at the school is phenomenal and over the past years, more minorities are getting recognized.
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