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A&M Consolidated High School Reviews

319 reviews
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At A&M Consolidated High School, I have experienced an extremely competitive environment that also supplies endless opportunities to learn, lead, and live happily. While the students in this town are highly competitive because of the fact that most of us are professors' or doctors' kids, it has still been a thriving environment to build both a fulfilling education and a fulfilling experience as I have been maturing and building the foundation of the lifestyle that I will be living for the rest of my life.
Before coming into A&M Consolidated High School, you always heard the rumors of it being "lesser" than the opposing school, CSHS. After going through four years worth, I can honestly say that that statement couldn't be more wrong. The teachers on this campus truly care about you, always wanting you to succeed. They give you every opportunity to better yourself. Walking around this campus for my last semester is somewhat bitter sweet, due to the fact that not every day here has always been a walk in the park. But for me, it bettered me, making me ready for the life ahead of me.
My overall experience at A&M Consolidated High School was quite good. Most of the teachers there were friendly and really cared about our education. The administration tried to be very hands on in all of the events that were occurring, whether that be sports, clubs or even academic achievement. That kind of appreciation made us students feel like we mattered. High school can be tough but with the support and education I received at A&M Consolidated it made it that much easier. I think the school is a little outdated compared to others but its more about whats on the inside and whether or not its preparing me for the real world that really matters.
I was very involved and loved it however, academically I didn't always feel challenged. I was in that group where regular classes were too easy but honors was too hard. Students in regular classes are not challenged enough it is severely dumbed down and did not prepare me for college.
I loved going to this school! The AP classes prepared me for college extremely well! I also love the school spirit that the students, teachers and other faculty all have! The teachers are so caring & really helped me improve my abilities as a student, especially in English!
Teacher care for students and help them to achieve goals. Many clubs and activities are offered to help students become involved.
Great teachers, good record for helping students achieve high AP scores every year. Usually great athlete programs. Cell service is nonexistent in some hallways and the Internet is like a snail.
I attended this school for 4 years. It is a great school with great teachers. Each teacher wants you to excel in everything you do. Majority of them will even go out of their way to make sure you are getting the best education possible. I participated in the athletic program for four years as well. I played varsity softball and basketball each year i was there. The coaches are really great and also want you to focus on school. As much as they like to win they know and would always remind us that school comes before athletics. Over all i think College Station Independent School District is wonderful.
The school lacked passion in its teachers for the most part. I got many teachers who didn't know what they were teaching, and didn't care for the students. Though, there were only a few teachers who were over qualified to even be there- and yet the school treated them poorly. The only thing that the school has going for them, is their creative-based programs. Programming, animation, and film were the school's most excelling programs and yet they got hardly any recognition.
A&M Consolidated offers a lot, education wise, and definitely helped me expand intellectually. Although they have good academics, the diversity and bullying is a problem. The school population is predominantly white and upper middle class. This environment breeds bullying and hate. I think this is a major problem this institution needs to address.
All of the teachers truly care about the students. The teacher try to go to as many of their student's extracurricular activities as possible and give their support for everything. If a student ever has a question the teachers are more than willing to help in a positive way. A&M Consolidated has the best teachers that I have ever encountered.
The organizations that I am in are amazing and set up so that each student can get the spot light. The directors of Band, Orchestra, and choir work together to see that everyone succeeds and that each organization is supported and appreciated. The art teachers are uplifting and ready to encourage those who show talent and are more than happy to push someone to succeed.
Each parent can and is viewed differently by each child and teacher.From my experiences in the band working with the parent organization, I have seen that several of the band parents go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to supporting the band as whole whether it is in the classroom or on the field at games and competitions.
The teachers make sure that every student is heard and if they are not sure of an answer to a question the offer the students research the topic and explain it the class allowing for the students to learn from their peers. The teachers are always looking for new ways of teaching or understanding a topic and often ask the students for feedback on lessons or ideas for future lessons. Rarely are the lessons impossible to understand as several of the teachers will go above and beyond the lesson plan to answer the questions put to them.
Our school makes you feel at home and safety isn't an issue.
Extracurricular activities at school are everywhere! Many students at my school are in Young Life, a very popular club. With clubs such as, Student Council. HOSA, Gay-Straight Alliance, FCCLA, BPA, and etc, our school has a lot of opportunity.
My school is an academic based school, which is great. The school has exceptional variety of classes and opportunity to get ahead. Once you learn what teaching style works for you, your'e bound to do great. There are certain things that I personally don't see as fair when it comes to dress code at m school, which is who gets by with it and who doesn't. All and all, my school is a blessing.
The teachers I've had since I started high school don't seem very concerned with if the students grasps the material or not. Most of them do not connect the information with real world examples, and express more importance on complex state teaching requirements rather than becoming a young successful adult. In school, the main importance is getting a good grade, rather than comprehending the information. Many teachers use technology to teach the class rather than the teacher his/herself.
I was only involved with choir after school. Mr. Angle is incredible and so sweet, I wouldn't trade his training for anyone else.
The parents that get involved at this school are really interested in what best for their children and others.
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