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A&M Consolidated High School is located in College Station, TX. It offers a wide variety of classes and many opportunities to get involved.
its okay, there's a lot of diversity in the school and a lot of AP classes and it's definitely one of the best schools in the district.
I love how involved the teachers are with the students, always making sure their students understand everything. Also, how giving A&M Consolidated High School is. Providing and informing information for students who need school supplies, food and clothes.
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A&M Consolidated had a very tough academic environment. Class rank was very competitive. It was a diverse establishment with a staff that really cared for you.
I very much appreciated how willing most of the teachers were to help you and meet with you to help you understand, but then unfortunately there were always those teachers who made it more difficult to succeed.
I felt very safe at this school because teacher and faculty were constantly watching to ensure that all students were well taken after and that all students had access to resources and help if needed.
My time here was better than I anticipated when I was coming in. The majority of students were all very pleasant, nearly every teacher earnestly cared about how you did and how you were doing which made it class enjoyable. If you put in the work, there is no trouble adjusting to a college schedule and classes. The administration sets fair expectations, but a mutual feeling of respect is lacking. Their fine art programs are not as important as their sports but they are well-rounded programs that give better arts educations than most Texas schools. I am going to school for design and the skills I learned in their arts programs are relevant in my college classes. AMCHS has few teachers that are miserable, and if an issue does occur with one of those teachers the counseling office may help. However , it may take a few tries to get anything done. My experience with their counseling office has proven to be time consuming for simple processes, but it is not impossible.
I grew up and changed a lot in that high school. I spent a lot of time in the music wing and made a lot of memories there. The principals and other staff don't give a crap about the fine arts department. Especially the head principal. The English teachers were all fantastic they taught me a lot.
I came into A&M Consolidated as a Junior and usually you would feel out of place because you haven't been at the school during your whole high school career, but I felt very welcomed and happy to be a part of such a great school.
After four years at A&M Consolidated, I can say without a doubt that it is an amazing school. The students are there to learn and prepare for college and the teachers do whatever they can to meet their students goals.
A&M Consolidated High School is a great learning environment filled with teachers who really care and wish for your success.
I absolutely loved Consolidated Highschool. I consider this my second home, besides all of the hard work. The thing I love the most is that all of the teachers are there to help you when need it. I loved their band and avid program because they definitely felt like family.
I have had some excellent teachers, especially in the upper level sciences and mathematics. These teachers have affected the course of my future studies and have become my mentors and given me a place where I feel as at home at school as I do with my family. What has detracted from my overall positive experience has been my English teachers for English 2 and 4. These teachers have a very subjective manner of teaching and grading that I feel has little to do with a quality education and more to do with their personal philosophies.
It's a great school environment that offers something for every student. With challenging classes and competive sports and activities, students feel like they are part of something special.
At A&M Consolidated High School, I have experienced an extremely competitive environment that also supplies endless opportunities to learn, lead, and live happily. While the students in this town are highly competitive because of the fact that most of us are professors' or doctors' kids, it has still been a thriving environment to build both a fulfilling education and a fulfilling experience as I have been maturing and building the foundation of the lifestyle that I will be living for the rest of my life.
Before coming into A&M Consolidated High School, you always heard the rumors of it being "lesser" than the opposing school, CSHS. After going through four years worth, I can honestly say that that statement couldn't be more wrong. The teachers on this campus truly care about you, always wanting you to succeed. They give you every opportunity to better yourself. Walking around this campus for my last semester is somewhat bitter sweet, due to the fact that not every day here has always been a walk in the park. But for me, it bettered me, making me ready for the life ahead of me.
My overall experience at A&M Consolidated High School was quite good. Most of the teachers there were friendly and really cared about our education. The administration tried to be very hands on in all of the events that were occurring, whether that be sports, clubs or even academic achievement. That kind of appreciation made us students feel like we mattered. High school can be tough but with the support and education I received at A&M Consolidated it made it that much easier. I think the school is a little outdated compared to others but its more about whats on the inside and whether or not its preparing me for the real world that really matters.
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I was very involved and loved it however, academically I didn't always feel challenged. I was in that group where regular classes were too easy but honors was too hard. Students in regular classes are not challenged enough it is severely dumbed down and did not prepare me for college.
I loved going to this school! The AP classes prepared me for college extremely well! I also love the school spirit that the students, teachers and other faculty all have! The teachers are so caring & really helped me improve my abilities as a student, especially in English!
Teacher care for students and help them to achieve goals. Many clubs and activities are offered to help students become involved.
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