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A&M Consolidated High School Reviews

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It is an amazing high school. I made some amazing memories at the school and some friendships that will last a lifetime. And this school has the most loving and caring staff
A&M Consolidated High school is an AWESOME school to attend. However, the food is not the best but its also not the worst.
A&M Consolidated High School is a very academically rigorous school. There are many different opportunities offered. The atmosphere of the students is extremely poor and needs to change but can only be changed through more school spirit and involvement.
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Consol provided me with opportunities of all sorts. I made friends who impacted me in a way I never thought would happen, however I also lost some for the same reason. I had the chance to become Editor in Chief of the yearbook, something that truly set me up for success.
Although not well funded, the academics are amazing. The fine arts programs have a good reputation, and the sports are also decent. The food is bad, but that's expected when you are an underfunded public school.
Love my teachers & my experience here so far. There are some high quality people and clubs, so there's something for everyone. The academics are highly personalizable and working at your own pace is encouraged.
The IT Program was excellent. The IT teachers where really helpful, kind, and fun. My favorite club was SkillsUSA, the trips where exciting and fun, we went to Beaumont for district, Corpus Christi for State, and Kentucky for 2018 Nationals. Some of the administrators/counselors were not that kind or did not know how to handle hostile student situations (during lunch).
I loved my experience at A&M Consolidated High School. I met some fantastic people there that will be friends for life. I had the pleasure of being taught by some quality teachers as well. I feel like Consol is a fantastic college preparatory high school. In addition to great students and teachers, Consol offered great extracurricular activities. There were so many options. I was involved to the boys soccer team, NHS, and the basic medical practice program. It was a excellent learning environment!
What I love about AMCHS is the number of ways you can get involved. From academics, to sports, to clubs; there are so many ways to get involved. Also, there are many ways students can get help such as tutoring or classes of ESL. Ultimately, I love the staff. They are very respectful and want the best for their students. AMCHS is a great school, and I would recommend this school to anyone interested.
The goal of the teachers at A&M Consolidated High School is for their students to succeed in their classes, especially the AP teachers. They do their best to prepare you for the SAT, ACT, AP and EOC exams. The community at AMCHS is a very positive one. The administration supports student movements, and teachers of the elective departments connect with their students and create positive relationships between students and prepare them for the future.
Consol is a very diverse high school. Everyone talks to everyone, there is no separation between grades, thus allows you to meet many kinds of people with different backgrounds and point of views. When it comes to upper level classes, A&M consolidated prepares you more than well for AP testing and state based exams. The teachers are all very nice and prepared, they try to form a student-teacher relationship to keep the students more comfortable in an educational environment. Overall, Consolidated is one of the best high schools located in College Station, Tx.
I love the diversity at this school, and the great teachers. Wished that principal didn’t give favoritism to students.
At this school, I really enjoyed the different activities that the school creates for us. This makes the classes entertaining. In addition, teachers understand that students may have difficulties in life, so they are lenient towards the students if they have a good reason.
I liked the calming environment at A&M Consolidated. The teachers and students are always so welcoming, respectful and kind. The teachers go absolutely above and beyond in attempts of seeing their students succeed. At A&M Consolidated, I thrived in many various ways. The school offers many programs that not only help ourselves but that help those around us within our community. The atmosphere at school makes me feel important and I know at A&M Consolidated, I matter.
Most of the teachers are really great. I believe the classes here have prepared me for college level work. I don't think a lot of the teachers and principals realize how stressful the life of a high school student can be.
A&M Consolidated High School is one of the finest high schools in Texas. The staff at the high school is very friendly and helping. There is nothing the staff can do whether it be helping students or mentoring them. Also, we are provided with excellent resources like teachers, clubs, etc.
A&M Consolidated is a great high school. There are some issues so of course I can not rate this at the highest rating, but for the most part the good out weighs the bad. The staff is very helpful and the school gives you many resources to access in order to go the extra mile in succeeding as a high school student. They are encouraging as we just got through with a week known as student appreciation week where they provide free snacks and services to the students and hold a breakfast for the Honor roll students at the school. Now, some of the less appealing parts to the school is that if you move from a smaller school or transfer to the school from a different school the transfer will be difficult due to the size and the lengthy process of trying to fix your schedule and try to take the classes you need without them already being filled up with students. The school is an older school so some updating wouldn't be too bad but the school does keep up well.
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I love the fact the the principal is very involved with her students and that the she make sure her staff is very well trained and that they show concern to the students. I feel the campus is safe and well kept environment
A&M Consolidated High School is located in College Station, TX. It offers a wide variety of classes and many opportunities to get involved.
its okay, there's a lot of diversity in the school and a lot of AP classes and it's definitely one of the best schools in the district.
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