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I loved my experience at 71st High School. The teachers there try to help you succeed in every way possible. The administrators are always helpful when dealing with teachers and students. Our school is organized and is an overall healthy environment.
My experience at 71st was very well enjoyable. I loved the Experience of being in the Marching band. The changes I hope to see involve the Students as well as the Teachers and Administrators, I hope the students realize that they are the future and they should aim to show why they are the school of the arts, I hope the Teachers and Administrators aim to push the students to understand that the sky is not the limit. There is more beyond the sky.
Most of the Teachers I had read cared about my education. But I will say not every after school program gets the same love as Football or Basketball.
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My experience being part of 71st high school was good but then again it was bad . what I like about the school is that the teachers/administration /coaches/etc.. we all feel that we are a family and we ride for each other for the most part even thou every school has their ups and downs. The things I don't like bout the school I currently attend is the way the administration,teachers handles things ,such as disciplinary issues , I hate the way that its a lot of fights , and the way people can treat others..
It’s a great school with a lot of great teachers who make learning fun as best as they can, but the air vents tend to not work right and I’d like to actually go to mcdonalds for lunch some time instead of having to choose raw food from the school.
My experinces were good, easy to make friends and classesare fairly simple. The thing I would like to see change is the principal he abuses his power and can be dictatorial to the students and staff.
71st is not the best school but is's not the worst either. The teachers and the vice principals seem to care a lot about the students education and their future. The teachers try and be really involved and try their best to help each and every student succeed. The students can sometimes be disrespectful and immature. The only sports the faculty seem to care about are football and basketball. The principal is barely even at school and when he is he doesn't even interact with the students. He shuts down a lot of these ideas that the Student Government brings to him. The school could use a new principal to bring some positivit to the campus and that will boost morale.
71st is a great school. The one thing they could work on there is having a teacher student connection.
The school was okay. I feel it's parent involvement needed work. The school was proficient in sports as many state qualifiers came from 71st. The food was satisfactory and the diversity was subtle.
The best thing about 71st High School is its sports program. Known for excelling in this area, young aspiring football/basketball players are likely to get the most out of their HS experience & are more than likely to get recruited. However, there are changes I'd like to see. I would like for advanced classes to be physically available to students, most AP students having to take teleconferencing/online classes to obtain a competitive GPA, this not being the ideal way to get ahead for students. Teachers should be properly prepared for the course they're teaching, there being multiple instances within my years where current teachers were forced to teach a subject they weren't properly prepared for. Teachers were simply hired to fill in a spot that needed to be filled, qualified or not. The school needs to work its way into becoming an academic threat, not merely an athletic one. That being said, I am still a proud falcon. I take pride in this school no matter what.
From freshman year to senior year, I can say the school is improving. There's not as many fights as it use to be.

The principal at the moment is strict when it comes to the students in sga planning things for our school & etc.
The school has questionable ethics. The principle punishes teachers & students unfairly many of times but when something serious, such as a bomb threat, occurs he doesn't take the proper measures. Many of the teachers lack care & some are too buddy-buddy with their students. A lot of the students who have came from there have been involved in violent crimes but many have prospered. On the bright side, there are a multitude of clubs & orgs to become involved with at this school. 71st is known for football, band, and cheer team. You have to make the best out of this school and learn your way through it. It is a school of arts but it also has many business type classes. I graduated from here and I came out fine. I came out at the top percentile of my class, received academic scholarships, and am currently enrolled in college and have honors. The school doesn't have the best reputation but that is because much of the students and faculty make it that way. It is only as bad as you make it.
I think 71st high school is a school that has great academics. If you put your mind to everything that you do, you will achieve your goals. There could be some improvement in the control of students and things that they do.
Seventy-First was a very diverse school and I did have many learning opportunities. Some things can be disorganized within the school like certain clubs, but your resources are there, you just have to ask. The head counselor is the one to talk to, none of the other counselors were helpful to me, if anything they gave me vague information that resulted in me missing out on vital things.
i like how 71st high school was a very creative school. every month they decorated the halls with something new. the teachers were very helpful and did't mind staying after school or coming early before class for tutoring
My experience at 71st high school was wonderful. I loved the enthusiasm everyone had towards learning. One thing they should consider changing is probably the dress code.
One thing i really love about 71st high school is the administration. They are usually always cheerful with their work. The one thing i would like to see change is the school lunch. It usually the same pizza or chicken sandwich everyday with an occasional thrid choice.
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I came here from New Jersey thinking that I would have a bad experience at 71st High School. However, I have made more friends here then in NJ, and I am involved in the school a lot more then in Jersey. I love the diversity of the school and meeting new kids and the trends that go on.
I went to 71st HS all 4 years. I personally had a great time in my high school years. However, if I am going to give a true perspective of the school I have to let the ratings reflect how I believe 71st was from the outside looking in. It was definitely safer and better than a lot of the other schools in the county but I wouldn't say it was the top school in the county. Still I would not trade my experience there for anything else.
The things that i like about 71st high school is the education there the teachers actually teach you and help you if you are struggling . I just transfered to this school from a different county and i can tell a difference from our school system to theirs. This school is more engaged in learning and helping others. The thing that i would change about this school is to improve the lunch and also improve the safety. I would say that the reason why they shoud improve the lunch is because not alot of students are going to eat something that isnt good and actually the school would save money with improved lunch because most of all the food that is being served is mainly thrown away because it wasn't good if we had better lunches then the problem would improve. The reason why the safety should be improved is because i wanna feel like im in a safe learning environment not in a un-safe environment
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