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71st High School Reviews

173 reviews
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I came here from New Jersey thinking that I would have a bad experience at 71st High School. However, I have made more friends here then in NJ, and I am involved in the school a lot more then in Jersey. I love the diversity of the school and meeting new kids and the trends that go on.
I went to 71st HS all 4 years. I personally had a great time in my high school years. However, if I am going to give a true perspective of the school I have to let the ratings reflect how I believe 71st was from the outside looking in. It was definitely safer and better than a lot of the other schools in the county but I wouldn't say it was the top school in the county. Still I would not trade my experience there for anything else.
The things that i like about 71st high school is the education there the teachers actually teach you and help you if you are struggling . I just transfered to this school from a different county and i can tell a difference from our school system to theirs. This school is more engaged in learning and helping others. The thing that i would change about this school is to improve the lunch and also improve the safety. I would say that the reason why they shoud improve the lunch is because not alot of students are going to eat something that isnt good and actually the school would save money with improved lunch because most of all the food that is being served is mainly thrown away because it wasn't good if we had better lunches then the problem would improve. The reason why the safety should be improved is because i wanna feel like im in a safe learning environment not in a un-safe environment
I loved my time here and loved my teachers. If I had one regret it would be that I didn't get involved in anything till my junior year. Wish I would've started earlier.
My 3 years at 71st High School have been good. You might have two or three teachers that are there for the money but we actually have loving teachers that care about us and our future. The school itself has a building is well taken care of but the bathrooms are nasty and lunch is alright.
I loved the sense of community you find at 71st high. You'll never feel alone at this school. You'll always be asked to join or do something in the school.
Being at 71st high school all these years I've really enjoyed hanging with my friends and learning a lot of new things. I've had a lot of life lessons come in along the way too and I know it will prepare me for college and the real world. What I would like to see change is the communication with any particular thing that's going on.
Over the last four years at Seventy-First High School I have remained content with what it has offered with only a few complaints, some of them being the safety, culture and parent involvement. I am not someone who worries about safety often, but I know there are students who do not feel safe or welcome walking the halls or in class. I blame this on the culture that has been adopted by some faculty, staff and students. For a long time, Seventy-First has held a negative reputation, so people think lowly not only of the school but also of the students attending. Because new students come in with such a bad image of the school coming in, their behavior reflects what society thinks of them. This behavior usually goes unchecked because their parents don't involve themselves in the their child's school life. Being a member of the school's PTSA, I have attended what I see as too many meetings where the parents that attend because they're apart of the board.
The health of the school is great. It is a safe environment with school police there everyday ensuring the students safety.
The extracurriculars are very fun, it gives you something to do and keeps you occupied. You make new friends and you gain a great experience and learn things that can better you in the future.
My experience at this school is great. I don't regret attending this school. It's a very positive environment and it motivates you to want to do your best
Teachers are knowledgeable and know what they're doing and they sometimes help struggling students. Some teachers genuinely care about getting students to pass and some don't
Needs some work but overall OK!!!
Good school to go into!!!
There are a lot of activities, not always a lot of people that join but you can make it fun and worth it.
I enjoyed my time at the school, everyday wasn't the best but I made the most out of it. I have no regrets and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
You have some teachers that care about you and want to help you and see you succeed then there are some that just want to do their jobs and leave. There are usually more good than bad but its like a gamble you don't really know what you're going to get.
The instructors at the university I attend are very diverse. Each instructor have different experiences and skills. Some have traveled to different countries and studied abroad. With that in mind, each instructor has their own way of approaching the material that we, the students, need to learn. Some instructors give more grades than others but that just makes you work harder which ever way the grading is conducted. I feel that if you introduce yourself to the instructors one on one and tell them about yourself, they are more willing to work with you.
The students are reluctant to listen to student government officials.
School has many lower income students. Many parents are not involved in the academic lives of the students. I come from a mid to upper middle class background. I felt really uncomfortable because if you are not like them you are made to feel like an outsider.. Would definitely not go to this school given the chance. The popular people are really ghetto, loud and disrespectful.
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