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21st Century Cyber Charter School Reviews

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I really enjoy attending 21st Century Cyber Charter School. I love the fact that I can work at my own pace and work ahead. In addition their are a ton of different courses that I can take. I also enjoy the fact that I can contact my teachers at anytime and that my teachers are always looking to help out their students.
i currently attend here to finish up my high school career. due to my poor mental and physical health i cant properly attend a physical public school,, so being able to attend a school like this with many good aspects from my home is beneficial. the curriculum is so much better than my previous school. this school legitimately has taught me things and improved my scores on state tests vastly. some of the teachers arent exactly the best and have been considerably rude to me,, but a majority of them have tried to understand and help me. i wish there was an easier way to communicate though. there are virtual offices to talk with teachers but its not good for people like me with severe anxiety,, because as well as your teacher,, hundreds of students are also in there,, so i find it easier just to turn on my music and do assignments on my own. the academic system has its own little twist which i somewhat like,, your grade isnt averaged out,, you have to earn points from each assignment.
21st Century Cyber Charter School contains a flexible schedule for students as well as an excellent curriculum. They provide several classes to choose from in addition to many field trip opportunities. The teachers are all helpful and kind.
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I like the flexibility that the school allows. They are very understanding of your other responsibilities, and activities. They are also very supportive and always there to help.
21cccs is very flexible and the teachers are friendly. This truly is a school catered to its students. Classes aren’t required, though they are recommended, and as long as you do work, you’re good to go.
I had heard all bad things about cyber when I was first transitioning, but 21cccs but all those rumors to shame. I love my school and I wish I would've switched sooner. They let you work at your own pace, but don't let you fall behind. With all of my decisions I make they support me in them and even give me access to a counselor and academic advisor whenever I want. I feel happy with my choice of high school and I wouldn't ever want to switch back.
I really enjoy being a student at this school. The teachers are so nice and helpful. It’s extremely flexible; you can complete your work anytime and anywhere. Live lessons are available, but not mandatory. They are recorded as well so you can watch them later. They have many different class choices at their school, with even more through outside providers that they partner with. The counselors and tech support staff are always helpful and supportive. The school provides everything you need to succeed. It’s amazing. I highly recommend this school.
The curriculum is very challenging ! If the school doesn’t have the classes that your child needs they will work to find it for them.
Overall, my two boys have enjoyed the experience of attending 21st Century. My eldest son has expressed a desire to see more computer science class offerings.
I like that my son has a personal helper who speaks to him everyday, and me at least once a week with pertinent information about my son's progress.
21st Century Cyber Charter School, provides your student with all the tools he/she may need. Everything from supplies to instructional support. It is possible to succeed with home schooling! Thank you 21st Century Cyber!
I sent my niece to 21st Century during a rough time. She continued to excel and her teachers were caring and understanding while providers her with rigor.
The teachers truly care and want to teach and help their students succeed in their goals and dreams and thrive in learning and their grades to their best potential
I absolutely LOVED attending 21st Century for the last 2 years of high school! I was blessed with amazing teachers and academic opportunities, as well as great recognition in the most unique ways and DAILY support and check-ins! Everything and everyone was so personal, so much that I've been more than encouraged to keep in contact with my teachers even over a year after graduation! The cyber-charter style allowed me to manage my own time (and learn how to do so!) and gave me the opportunity to work while participating in music performances and sports. Everything from time management, to learning how to use a Mac and Moodle, to teaching myself, to doing schoolwork on the go (especially since I am a college athlete!) made my college transition seamless and I have 21CCCS to thank for that.
Above all else it's free. The teachers seem to care a lot about our students experience and learning ability. And everything they can to help them achieve their goals. 21st Century seems to be dedicated to each and every student no matter what. They're understanding and compassionate with each individual, parent or student.
My child has been a student of 21st Century Cyber Charter School for 2 years and will begin his 3rd yr. this fall. We have found 21cccs to offer an excellent and challenging curriculum. My child enjoys the teacher feedback, and variety of clubs offered.
The structure of this school allows students to put their energy into learning, instead of wasting time lost in administrative nonsense. 21CCCS has excellent teachers, challenging curriculum, and great technology.
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I like the way that teachers are so involved with your school work and they truly care about how you are doing in school.
My daughter was able to work at her own pace with assignments & not have to be worried about having a certain amount of hours each day as long as the work was done that’s what matters not the log in time which is what is actually important
I love the accessibility and availability of the teachers and staff. If my child has a question they don’t have to wait long to find an answer. They can get help by entering a VO, emailing, a phone call, or private chatting. There is always a teacher ready to help. Being a cyber school, the tech support has gone above and beyond to help with any issues we’ve ever had. I love the flexibility of the classes and their ability to be recorded and watched at a later time. I love that the students can resubmit work to improve their grade, working toward mastery of the subject matter. They are not stuck with a once and done work environment. I love that they can work harder and more quickly to finish sooner. That has been very helpful in being able to go on family vacations during the school year. And not having to bring schoolwork along. They simply work ahead and there are no worries about school while on vacation.