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21st Century Cyber Charter School Reviews

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It was a wonderful experience with amazing teachers that really went above and beyond to help their students learn and grow and achieve the goals set in place.
I liked that it was self paced and all the material was available to us. You have to have motivation and drive to get it done. One thing i would like to see is deadlines. It makes people much more motivated to turn things in quickly when they don’t have months to get all their assignments done
Teachers really care and follow up! They do not just ignore concerns. The parent is not responsible to teach the child, they are only there to make sure tge child is making progress! The best choice we made in online learning.
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I wish 6 stars were an option...
We had some trepidation about pulling our son from the local brick-and-mortar and enrolling him with a cyber school, but we're very happy we enrolled him with 21CCCS! He loves it and he's doing much better in what is really a more challenging environment! The staff made our transition to cyber-schooling much smoother than we expected! We hear from his advisors and teachers often, they have online tools for parents to monitor student progress, and they use up-to-date equipment. We only wish we'd have made this change sooner! The teachers and staff at 21CCCS staff are absolutely amazing! They all demonstrate a huge commitment to their students' success!
We're now in our second year with 21CCCS, going strong and we're SO pleased with our son's progress and development!
This is my third and final year at 21st Century as I am a Senior. My experience with 21st Century has been nothing but positive, positive, and more positive. I am so grateful for all of the amazing teachers, who have helped me learn throughout the years. Teachers are super supportive, and so helpful in any way that they can help increase our understanding. We have field trips just about every month, and there are many different clubs that you can get involved in. I definitely 100% recommend this school to anyone who is looking for an online based school. You will not regret it!
You guys are Fantastic!! Helpful and inclusive! So glad to be part of the 21st century family! THANK YOU!! :)
This is a really good school, but there are some weak points. Classes that are based on a lot of essay-writing, such as english and science classes, are really good at building analysis and writing skills, but the math and foreign language classes are often lacking.
Another thing to consider– the quality of education depends on the motivation of the student. You can slide by, and not get anything out of this school, but if you are motivated to do well and learn, it can be a fantastic school.
This school experience has changed our whole family! The b&m setting was not working for my son. He had an intense IEP for various supports. We switched to another cyber school. It did not provide the education, support or flexibility we were looking for.
Our switch to 21st CCCS was the best decision we ever made!! My son learned more in his first year there than all his other years in school! From the variety of assignments to the devoted teachers... The ease of the school program to the school wide events... We could not ask for more!
The teachers are very helpful and the classes aren't hard. The virtual offices make it easy to communicate with the staff and other students.
I started 21st century in the middle of freshman year in high school. I was behind in school because of a concussion. They were so kind and understanding of what I was going through. The flexibility and the ability to easily connect with your teachers is outstanding. I was always an A and B student with an occasional C and now I’m getting all straight A’s. I highly recommend 21st as a current student.
This is a great school! There is a flexible schedule and the teachers are very helpful and supportive!
I came to 21st Century when I was a freshman. The online school gives me great flexibility and as long as I get my work done, they will let me do it at anytime I want. Since I was not into school sports at my old school I was very isolated for a couple of years until I got a job which was not good for me. Overall the school work challenged me unlike my previous school were I was not challenged, and I was able to get a full time job instead of a part time like most high school kids.
21st Century is a great school for someone who has outside interests. The school allows a flexible schedule, allowing you to put more energy and time into things like sports or art. There are a wide range of classes, and there is never any struggle to find something that you're interested in. The teachers give the students all the support that they need, and make sure to give us the resources required to succeed.
I love 21st Century Cyber Charter as a student who's attended for all my High School years. It allows me the flexibility to study online whenever, wherever. Additionally, I can get help online and the teachers are generally nice and helpful.
This school is tough and chances are you're going to fail at first unless you were born with an unyielding drive. However, the faculty and staff will never give up on you. they will push you to do your best and the majority of them truly care. if it were not for this school, I don't know if I'd be getting A's and B's in college and excelling outside of school as well.
Attending 21st Century Cyber Charter School was an incredible experience. In all my years of attending classes in person, I have never come across teachers and staff so willing to engage and help their students than the teachers at 21st CCCS. The fact that I never met my teachers in person had no impact on my success in their school. If anything, the guidelines they provided to remain structured and successful in their classes allowed me to flourish in a way I was never able to before. The guidance I received at 21st CCCS laid a fantastic foundation for independent study, and prepared me to succeed in college. Their staff and resources were truly invaluable to me.
This school has been the perfect fit for me. I can work around my own schedule, and the teachers help me to reach all of my goals. I was worried that I wouldn't have the same personal connection through a cyber school, but 21cccs gives all their energy to connecting with their students and helping them with their struggles in every subject. There is a large amount of available classes you can take, each one keeping up with modern day learning. The work sessions are a helpful resource, along with the online library. I am very excited to continue being taught there, as I feel that all the teachers really want us all to succeed. I highly suggest this school everyone who had outside passions that they want to pursue.
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This school has helped me to lead the life I want to live and has gotten me to where I want to be in life. 21st Century Cyber Charter School has given me the opportunity to train even more intensely in ballet and other dance forms and has given me the freedom to focus on other activities outside of school. The online environment has helped me to grow as a student and person, and I wake up every morning excited to learn. The staff and teachers have helped me with college applications, working around my busy dance schedule, and any questions I may have had about my school work. I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for more freedom and flexibility during their high school years!
I attended 21cccs for my Senior year of high school because they allowed me to dual enroll with a local college. I really enjoyed my time at this high school. All of my teachers were helpful and readily available online in the Virtual Office (VO). You can work at your own pace, which is very nice. I worked quite independently while I was here, but never felt like I couldn't reach my teachers. I was always given updates on my progress and grades. My guidance counselor was alright. She was very nice, but hard to get in contact with and seemed to forget or get things wrong. Other than that I really enjoyed my time here! They provide you with everything you need - books, laptop, printer, etc...
21st century cyber charter school, changed my life. From the moment I start three years ago, I've become such an independent learner, and my grades have been wonderful. I love that my teachers and I have a close bond and they do everything they can to make sure I am getting the education I need. I am so proud to be a 21st century cyber charter school student, and future graduate this coming school year! I never would have thought I would be the student I am today, but with 21st century cyber charter school I am. I don't feel you can go wrong with trying this school out!