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21st Century Charter School Reviews

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I liked that 21st Century was a school of learning and academic based. It is a school with great hospitality skills and teaching skills. The students feel safe in the environment and the teachers are always welcomed to answer any difficult questions we have.
What I like about 21 Century is that we can do college classes while we in high school. The teachers are there for you if you need help. One thing that should is that the school need more activities.
They could do better. They could do much better. The teachers could do better. The students could do better. The cafeteria staff could do much better. The administrative staff could do better. And Krishelle Murphy could definitely do a lot better.
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21st Century Charter School is an alright school. The best thing about it is the dual-credit program. I am currently in the dual-credit program, so I'm in highschool and college. We have good professors who don't treat us differently. The dean and principal sometimes curse at and/or manhandle students who are causing trouble. A lot of the time, one of our admin. curses without any concern of it teaching the children that it's ok to use such crude language. It's gotten a little better though. The food has gotten better, but sometimes it isn't too great. We don't go on many interesting trips, only colleges tours, really. We have a good mix of people at school. There's a lot of African-American, Afro-Caribbean, Hispanic, and mixed race students. We don't have an auditorium. The school is very small. It's literally two hallways, a gym, and a lunch room. It's not the worst school, but it certainly isn't the best. Oh, and we currently have D.
I am currently a junior. My experience at 21st Century has been really awesome. What I like about this school is that they try their best to make sure the students succeed in life.
The things that I enjoy the most about 21st Century Charter School is that the school within itself is a great experience for anyone to pursue a great education. The teachers and staff all work together one on one with students to help them learn and understand what the fundamentals of the lectures are. The school taught me to always stride towards success and to never give up on something that I truly believe in, honestly I can say if my parents didn't enroll me into a school like 21st Century Charter School, I wouldn't have a great education in my own opinion. I recommend many parents and students to all give 21st Century CHarter School a chance to enlighten their views not only on education itself but also on their lives.
In short, I am both a senior in high school and a college student at Ivy Tech Community College. This experience has taught me responsibility and accountability and I learned many things ever since my freshman year in high school. I work well with Microsoft Office functions such as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. My work ethic alone is a big factor of my experience. I was elected Secretary of Student Government during my junior year of high school and also participated in basketball each season. I've taken AP United States History and AP Environmental Science. 21st Century Charter School has definitely prepared me for college!
21st Century Charter School is a fairly safe school. I have never felt unsafe.
The extracurricular opportunities at 21st Century Charter School are very extraneous. There are a lot of things for students to get into. There is the anime club, charm club, 21st Century Student Ambassadors, National Honor Society, prom/homecoming committee, booster club, poetry club, debate teams, and more. The sponsors are very helpful and they look after the club making sure everything is run smoothly.
21st Century Charter School is a school that is not the best and not the worst. Compared to my freshman and sophomore years in here at this school, things have gotten much better from the teachers to the principal to the strictness of the rules and regulations that go on here at the school.
The teachers at my school are very knowledgeable and there lessons are very fun and engaging.
My experience at the school has made me a stronger person and the learning is impeccable.
The teachers at 21st Century Charter School are amazing, because they take all the time they need to work on lessons that enhances the students knowledge. The teachers go above and beyond to enforce rules and make sure that their classrooms are safe environments for learning. These are incredible teacher.
Ms Betty could do better
They all can do better
We actually need more. i believe
We have come along way with sports; we can do better
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There is a Dual Credit Program offered for students to start Ivy Tech Courses. Students can also go to a career center to help them figure out their path in life to get a job. There are AP classes and many other classes.
The four teachers as mentioned earlier stay on top of their game whereas the other teachers are just there for the check.
The school spirit and athletic facilities here are pretty decent.
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