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Yale University Graduate Reviews

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The campus is absolutely gorgeous, rich with history and amazing architecture. The fact that Yale is a smaller college not only allows you to walk wherever you need to go, but the individualized attention you receive from professors and administration sets this school apart from everything else. You get to know everyone on a personal level and the staff truly wants you to do well. This school is a must.
I love being in this school because there is no limitations on your abilities. The professors I've had, push and believe in me. My school is encourages creativity in thought, instead of being average.
Yale University is basically the most beautiful school in the world, by far. I still can't believe just how gorgeous the place is. Sometimes when I'm walking around by myself on the old campus, I just want to pinch myself. It's pretty much the "Blue Steel" of colleges and universities. Funny story, but my African mom basically describes it in the following terms: "ohh, it all looks like Harry Potter's world! I bet this is where he really goes to school!".
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Yale is a great place to be a student - variety of class offerings even as a grad student, and plenty of cool events and opportunities among the different schools and departments, though food and housing options around campus are not always as great.
Yale is everything you dream of and more. Walking through these century-old libraries with the gothic really don't get more Ivy League than Yale. As a graduate student, I sometimes feel a little removed from the main campus, but overall the college community is incredibly open and accepting. The opportunities that this school affords you just by name recognition alone makes it worth attending.
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