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Wright State University Graduate Reviews

7 reviews
I have really been enjoying my time as a WSU student. I'm doing the MBA program, and have been learning a lot. In fact, I've already applied some of the ideas learned to a business I just created.
The professors and instructors are all very focused on giving their students the best education that they can provide. The administration, however, constantly takes advantage of the kindness of the educators by not providing them proper benefits and instead wants to spend the entire budget on sub-par sports teams.
The entire admission process was very fast and my start was very smooth, the faculty provides a lot of help and support. However, in week 2, teachers went on strike and that does not give the best first impression especially because nobody is giving students enough information.
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Wright State offered me an opportunity to create a solid knowledge base in my field and enjoy my time doing it!
The lecturers are very experienced and the staffs are very friendly. They have great infrastructures and an awesome library. I mean there's a plane inside the library. The people are very nice. It close to every food joint you want to try. Want to eat at a New York deli its right there. Its also close to the air force base its just great. one down side its just too cold!
I like it but it could be better. Some classes are really good, but there are lousy teachers as well. The area is really nice, but the campus is quite quiet
This university is only good for a resident of OH/USA. If you are an international student I think you should consider other options also. Not that many assistantships or scholarships available for the international student even after maintaining 4.0 GPA for two semesters I got nothing.
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