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William Carey University Graduate Reviews

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I am a 4th year medical student at WCU and my experience has been great. WCU is cost competitive as far as medical schools go, the campus is attractive, and Hattiesburg was a great town of 50K to live in during my pre-clinical studies.
I have done both my undergarment and my graduate degrees at William Carey University, and I am 100% satisfied with all they have done for me. No school is perfect, but as a high school student coming to a college for the first time I was taken care of. I received my undergrad in History with a minor in Biblical Languages, and I adored every moment. I'm currently finishing my Master's in Ancient Imperialism and I am also loving it! I highly recommend WCU to anyone.
I enjoy my experience at William Carey. The small class size and Christian atmosphere are awesome. The professors are helpful and understanding. William Carey welcomes those students who are non-traditional students. Their schedule is flexible and manageable. The graduations ceremonies are short and professional.I am working on my fifth degree and can not think of a better school.
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The instructors were knowledgable and professional, and the classes were challenging. My advisor helped me every step of the way.
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