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Willamette University Graduate Reviews

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WU has a beautiful campus, the student body is very friendly, but it’s quite obvious that this is a private education for those with wealthy families. The students are mostly white, with some international students sprinkled in. There is a law school and business school as well. The campus is literally across the street from the capitol, which is beneficial for those interested in politics. Salem is a growing city but they are still struggling with income disparity and housing costs. Only an hour from Portland or Eugene. Amazing wineries both in Salem and 15 minutes away in any direction. Two hours from the beach, which means an easy day trip.
They say the big draw to their school is the small class size and the intimate relationships you form with your professors..that was not the case for me. I was an average student who did her work and then moved on but when I started struggling my professors didn't notice. I would not go back if given the opportunity.
Willamette University's campus is beautiful, with a creek running right through the middle of campus. The many historical buildings and the proximity to the State capitol make it a great place for learning about history, law, politics and state government.
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Most professors are very willing to help. If you are not able to make it to office hours, most professors are willing to make an appointment and many more simply have an open door policy.
The school really does seem concerned about student safety. There is an ongoing effort to keep students safe and I feel that campus security is quite vigilant. They seem to work very cooperatively with local law enforcement. There was one break in of a dorm, that I am aware of last year. There have also been intruders into the law library that have stolen students personal belongings.
The alumni network for the law school is strong in Oregon and every alum I have met has been willing to bend over backwards to help out with job prospects or tips on getting through law school. The placement office has great relationships with local employers and with alumni throughout the country. The job hunting process will really be what you make of it and who you are willing to reach out to. They will meet you halfway, you just have to want it.
There are athletic teams at the school, however it is a small liberal arts school with little emphasis on sports. The school gym is all right for non-athletes, but the pool is open odd hours that are inconvenient for regular students.
I've really enjoyed how supportive and helpful the research librarians at Willamette University College of Law have been. They are really willing to sit with you and help you find your way through murky research, to clarify research queries, or to just lend a hand in figuring out where to start on a specific topic. I recommend their services to everyone.
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