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Wichita State University Graduate Reviews

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My overall experience as a graduate student at WSU has been phenomenal! I would love to see tuition be a little less for out of state residents, though and to offer more fellowships.
WSU is a typical mid-size university, with a wide variety of course offerings and surprisingly diverse student body. The campus is small and well-kept, and is currently under a large amount of construction, with the intention of expanding student options and resources.
The only real positive about this school is the price. If you can definitely go to K-state or KU instead. everything is better at those schools.
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I really enjoyed my time at Wichita State University. In the Speech Language Pathology program there were days that I had to stay on the campus all day. The University provided everything I needed while I waited for my next class to start. It was easy to get around campus and the professors are incredible. I would like to see the parking system change. It was expensive to purchase a parking pass and that didn't even guarantee a parking spot.
I really enjoyed attending Wichita State. The community is very supportive and invested in the student life experience
I really like Wichita State University. The campus isn't too big and the tuition isn't too expensive. There is so much diversity. It's amazing to learn about so many different cultures there. The professors truly care about their students.
WSU doesn't have the best safety background. There have been a few crimes in the bank on campus and out in the parking lot of a dorm.
WSU has a lot of career opportunities with the Cooperative Education and Internship programs. A student can definitely find a job similar to their degree choice.
My professors have been awesome at WSU. They really care about each and every student in their classes.
Fairmount Towers is a lot older (smaller rooms, chipped paint, all around wear and tear, etc.) than Shocker Hall, but it's way cheaper.
The Wichita State University's men's basketball team is outstanding and very competitive.
I absolutely love how the teachers are connecting with their students.
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