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Wheaton College - Illinois Graduate Reviews

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Everyone was kind when I visited Wheaton College. I loved the beautiful campus as well. I had a feeling that I wanted to attend Wheaton, and my visit to the school confirmed that for me.
For me, the best part of my experience at Wheaton was friendships I formed. I still keep in touch with several of my past roommates. My quality of education was also impacted by the investment my professors made in me. My professors routinely made time to meet with me outside of class time to support me.
Best of Both – Wheaton itself is a small town. The downtown is nice to walk through and window shop. You can visit the outdoor French market on Saturday mornings, or stop in the penny candy and popcorn shop, or enjoy some Starbucks while walking through Adams park. However, a 45 min train ride away is a day trip to Chicago, with Navy Pier or Millenium Park, and plenty of shopping. I'd recomend iceskating outside in Millenium park right before Christmas!
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Encouraged to Live on Campus – They encourage you to live on campus. You have to apply to live off campus. They like to keep the community feel of everyone living on campus, and hope this way people will be more involved with campus life and build deeper relationships with friends. It is expensive to live on campus through. And there are plenty of options for living off capus in the Wheaton area, if you get a group of friends together and split the cost.
The Mentoring Program – the mentoring program is great at Wheaton! Its a smaller group of students within your major that meets weekly together. Its a great way to get to know others in your major and get adivice from upperclassmen, as well as from your prof adivisor. I'm an education major, and in my group we spent time reaching out to recent education grads, to find out how their first year teaching was going. We also took time to pray for each of our grads.
Well Rounded – Once you start takeing classes in your major the classes become more interesting and the profs really try to make the classes engaging. They teach you the practical stuff that you need to know and show how its important. Some of the general education classes can seem less interesting, but if your looking for a liberal arts education then the gen eds are great!
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