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Western Illinois University Graduate Reviews

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Western Illinois University has given me the opportunity to take classes tailored to my future goals in a small-scale college setting. Some professors work with students to achieve their greatest potential and get the most out of their college experience. I would like to see more professors work with vigor and compassion for their students, rather than their paychecks though.
This is an amazing institution where professors, faculty, and your peers want you to succeed. I love the fact that my tuition remains the same for all four years.
I received my bachelor's degree in Music Education at WIU in 2014, and was able to find a job as a school band director well in advance of the following school year. When I decided it was time to return for graduate school, WIU was at the top of my list. The opportunities the music provides are numerous and invaluable. The professors really work towards trying to prepare their students for successful music careers, and demand excellence in order to do so.
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Minorities Are Welcomed but Whites Still Outnumber Us – There are many different races here and people from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds but whites are still the majority
Safety Is a Major Concern – I've never felt threatened or scared walking on campus at night or during the daytime. We have campus sercurity that will personally walk with you at night if you feel a little on edge about it. They're available 24hrs
The labs are always open and some are 24hrs but the best time for the 24hr labs are around midnight because everyone is out partying around that time
Very Interesting – There is always something going on around campus, student groups and organizations always conduct fundraisers, parties, study sessions and etc
My school has a cost guarantee program meaning if your tuition was $19,744 dollars that the price it will be until you graduate, it doesn't rise.
Easy Process and Affordable – Freshman dorms are kind of small but the upperclassmen options are much better.
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