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Western Governors University Graduate Reviews

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I am about to start the Masters program in Nursing Informatics RN to MSN at Western Governors University. I will start next month in May 2019. I am looking forward to learning
The admissions process is easy and there is someone by your side every step of the way. There are tons of scholarship opportunities.
This school is a great resource for students completing a distance learning degree. You can work at your own pace and have real time support from a variety of staff.
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I am a mother of six who wanted to go back and earn my degree. With my busy schedule trying to keep up with parenting Western Governors University made that possible by offering accredited degree plans that worked around my busy life. I loved being able to expand my knowledge , earn a bachelors degree and do while working around the most important thing I do, being a mom. It was not only convenient for my schedule but very affordable which was just as important.
This is a great school. I love the self paced learning with as little or a lot of guidance as needed. The staff are always willing to take the extra step to make sure you are getting the most information you need to complete your degree.
I love that the price for WGU is much less than other traditional colleges. I also love the flexibility it provides so that I can do school when it works for me. They allow for a variety of ways to contact your course instructors so that you never feel you are on your own.
As a new student at WGU I still have yet to learn more about it. Based on what I have experienced so far I love WGU. They have so many resources and so much support to make sure you are successful every step of the way.
Amazing experience! I have s wonderful program mentor. There is a different course instructors. They are very interactive and appreciate that.
I really enjoy the opportunity that Western Governors has given me. The ability to work on class work when I have time and where ever I am makes it easier. This school lets you work at your own piece, moving through the classes as fast or as slow as needed.
Excellent experience so far. Finished my Bachelor's degree in 2017. I had a great student mentor, she helped me and encouraged me along the way to get it completed. The program is great with the online competency based study.
Western Governors University is a great online school. It is affordable and flexible. The professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Each student also has a mentor to help you stay on track with your weekly and long term goals. Their website is easy to use and looks nice. They provide tons of resources for all different learning types.
Low tuition fee which is really good for student with tight budget. Good counseling experience. Academi. Support are really great
I started this school in the summer of 2016. I would have been finished in just one year had it not been for me working full time and often getting moved around. I love the fact that its a flat rate and self-paced. If I had an issue or trouble with a course, the mentors were there to assist.
Flexible schedule. The advisors are very helpful and set meetings every week to catch up and answer any questions you might have.
Great school, great advisors, and great accountability! I was able to finish my BSN in 12 months. Working on my MSN now. Hope to have it completed in 12 months.
I highly recommend this University to anyone, but especially those who are working full time and looking to go back to college. It is Accredited and Not for Profit. The tuition rates are very affordable, best of all the semesters are 6 month terms, work at your own pace, 1 class at a time. You can go as fast as you like no fee per class, it is per semester. In some cases if a test is required to pass and you are already familiar with the material you can test out!
Do not waste your money elsewhere if you have not checked this out!
I am an online student, so I don't go to campus, but I have loved my experience so far. They are prompt and there to help, no matter what. It is easy and affordable, when you are trying to get ahead in life without falling behind financially.
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The school is all online but is amazing!! I graduated early in my bachelors degree and now going back for my masters. The support is always there and the mentors are the best of the best.
Online allows me to go at my pace when I have time versus being tied to someone else's schedule. Competency based learning allows me to progress faster or slower based on my past knowledge and experience. Pricing per semester allowed me to spend less money as I graduated the bachelors program early. Student and course mentors take a personal interest in the students' success providing excellent support and guidance to ensure success.
This school is unlike any other. They give you help, support, and resources every step of the way. There is always someone available to assist you. The programs are very flexible, the school is affordable, and the support is unparalleled.
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