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Washington University in St. Louis Graduate Reviews

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I love the challenging curriculum and the emphasis on in-depth preparation. The support systems in place are designed to propel students to achieve their highest potential.
Excellent academic rigor, notable professors, beautiful campus. The university needs to embrace both sides of political spectrum, not just one. But I love WU.
The school has a good learning environment. Faculty are knowledgeable and help students build up professional skills to meet their future career requirements. The school also provides ample scholarship to every student.
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I am an online student at Washington University. The online program for MLS is great. I am able to go to school and have a job in a different state. I have classmates from all over the world litteraly.
First and foremost everyone is committed to ensuring that the students receive all the support to achieve their goals. The case based studying for the MBA's helps students to deal with real issues that happen at the work place. This helps you as a student to gain the skills and confidence address issues facing firms today.
There is also a great opportunity to network and build lasting professional and personal relationships. In a world where relationships is the only currency that has no diminishing returns, it's a privilege to find an institution that has an ongoing and organized way to network and build lasting relationships.
At Washu, you learn how to work in teams. Everyone spends the first year of school working in a group of not less than five people.
Lastly WashU has-the Saturday program that allows working students to attend classes on Saturdays which helps them to spend less time in school and still manage to work and start families for those willing to do so.
High quality instruction. Good overall university. However, I felt that the tuition was very expensive and there was very high cost of living in the area surrounding campus.
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