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Washington State University Graduate Reviews

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Haven't been to campus but the veterinary program is great thus far. They have a lot of nice faculty and staff, ready and willing to help when they can. Feel free to ask them anything academically or otherwise.
Awesome. I'm a global student but still feel very connected to the campus. The professors are very responsive and respectful.
Awesome college. I completed my undergraduate studies at the Pullman campus. Best power engineering program in the nation! Now I am continuing my power engineering education with WSU's online master's program.
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In the middle of wheat fields, a strong community stands. One of pride and tradition. With prestigious faculty and innumerable opportunities for growth, WSU offers lifelong connections and tools for success. Unlike many other colleges and universities, WSU provides support for its undergraduate and graduate students, and guides Cougars to successful futures.
Washington State University is a beautiful campus. The rolling hills might be difficult to adjust to for someone from a flatter city or town, but it has its charm. The university has a great atmosphere and numerous dining options throughout the area. Ferdinand's has some delicious ice cream and cheese! I don't like the parking situation though. Prices are high, good permits are few, and on certain football weekends, you aren't allowed to park in your lot on Fridays. I fell in love with the veterinary campus when I toured a few years ago and now have the honor of being a Cougar and a vet student here. If there’s nothing going on around town, Moscow, Idaho is just a short drive away.
WSU is a great school and provides a great student/faculty community. I have had nothing but positive experiences at WSU and look forward to the next couple years I have left at WSU.
I loved my time at WSU. It took me time to fall in love with my experience here. I wouldn't say that it was the perfect school for me or that it was where I envisioned earning my degrees from, but I am so glad that I did. When I transferred here I was lost and looking for something. I found community here. I had professors that became mentors and friends. I learned to follow my passions and make them marketable. And I made the Palouse my home. WSU became the perfect school for me, and I am so incredibly grateful for my educational experiences here. In fact, I will be returning to WSU to earn my Masters in Teaching, in order to be a High School biology teacher. Go Cougs!
I've had a wonderful experience so far and am excited to undertake my Executive MBA online through WSU!
I really love the feel of being a big family that you get at WSU. Everyone is connected to each other because we are all cougs!
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