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Walden University Graduate Reviews

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The professors are knowledgeable and work in their areas of expertise. The work is difficult, but rewarding. The one stars given are because the school does not necessarily offer these areas. However, Walden looks to increase social change in the education it provides.
I like the program I am in but I am in a position where I am struggling to finish my degree. I am in a financially difficult position and am looking for scholarships to help me pay for my tuition.
The school is great and the professors are great however the cost is ridiculous. They also do not work well in helping with effective ways to pay for tuition or help students to obtain completed forms for possible resources.
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Online education is great, especially for busy career people like myself. My professors/instructors and academic advisors are very supportive and really help out with any questions. Excellent academic experience with supportive staff and faculty. Currently working on my Action research project and hope to finish in May of 2020.
I attend Walden online. All my courses are challenging and allow me to gain much knowledge for my major. The coursework is broken down so it is easy to get weekly assignments and discussions in on time with proper time management. All professors this far have made it easy to contact them for any questions or concerns you may have. All are willing to work with you as long as you show initiative and complete discussions and assignments on time. A great online university!
I am currently in the process of enrolling at this college and the process has been very good. All of the enrolment
advisers have been so helpful and I look forward to starting my classes.
Walden has instructors that are very knowledgeable. On the other hand all of the instructors should be on the same page so there won't be any problems when someone else takes over.
My experience as an online Walden Student has been excellent. I was nervous four years ago when I started my doctorate program and 4-years later, I'm very confident. Walden has staff that will guide you every step of the way, and the professors understand when you have personal issues. I never thought one could have such a pleasant experience with an online program until I came to Walden.
The instructors and advisers have been very helpful. I have struggled with mental health and they have done all they can to help me succeed.
I have received some great information through classes and academic advising structured a setting between my chair/supervisor and me to accomplish getting a doctorate.
They are organized, they provide the necessary resources you need to do your course work. Excellent library, writing center,and research center resources.
They extend the time on most programs. Much more expensive than other programs. Do research before choosing this University. They had different programs when I first started, then they went a different route. They change procedures year to year.
Potential DNP Student Beware!!!!
Obtaining approval for a capstone project is a painful, costly joke. It takes at least 6mos for committee to approve a project, committee members do not communicate, one makes revisions on your paper, the third comes back and denies even the revisions made by colleagues. It feels like a circus with you in the middle of it. School policy gives each committee member 14 days to review your paper, by the end of a $2500 semester, you are stuck in the same spot where you started and have to sign up for another bogus 3 credit $2500 dollar class where you do nothing but wait for approval. Although you are done with the DNP program, you have to keep re-enrolling until project completion. Complaining to the program director is a waste. For a school whose mission is promoting social change, there is no accountability.
I like Walden because I take all of my classes online. I am able to maintain my job and home while completing my college degree. The professors, although online, always are accessible to me and respond to my concerns in a timely manner. I enjoy attending Walden University.
My present time at Walden has been wonderful the Proferrors I have had so far are very helpful, considerate and easy to talk to about what every issues you might encounter
This college is expensive but does little to assist poor students obtain financial assistance outside of loans. The professors at the graduate level provide little in the way of support if you are struggling.
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Walden has given me a place to be able to pursue my dreams while being able to maintain working. Without this opportunity I might not be able to pursue the career of my dreams. Walden has worked with me every step of the way to ensure I am successful.
I am very impressed with student advisors and student financial aid resources at Walden University. I received an acceptance within 24 hours of applying to the Adult/Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program.
I am currently enrolled as a graduate student majoring in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I take all of my courses online, and I do not feel like I miss out on anything! The students as well as the professors are responsive and eager to help and learn from each other. I would recommend anyone who is questioning whether or not they want to take on their counseling dreams to go for it! Especially online at Walden University because no matter if you have a family to tend to, a busy work life, travel often, it doesn't matter! You can have all of those things that you want AND pursue your academic goals online. Walden is relatively inexpensive, doesn't require taking the GRE for the application; the admissions counselors are eager and willing to answer any questions you have without being too invasive in your personal life.
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