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Utah State University Graduate Reviews

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This is a great small town school that provides a lot of opportunities for their students. They have a lot of different opportunities for education with many majors. They have good pre health and also pre veterinary majors.
Many helpful resources. Great atmosphere! I'm ok with the fact that there aren't too many night time activities: clubs, bars, dances, etc.
I am working on a Master's degree in English. I love the faculty and how dedicated they are to teaching and helping students succeed. There is a wide variety of courses available in this program and lots of freedom when you begin choosing your thesis project.
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Utah State has a great community feeling. The dining Halls are phenomenal, and the ResLife staff in on-campus housing are super caring and helpful. The professors go out of their way to give students a good academic experience while making an effort to get to know you. Logan's small town feel makes for a perfect backdrop for studying.
I am in a graduate certificate program of which all of the classes are taught by a contracted entity. Those teachers are all experienced in the field and very knowledgeable and more than willing to answer questions. The price is reasonable, though the downside is the cost of the certificate program could not be covered by fed. student loans so I had to pay out of pocket.
The downside of the program is the lack of communication I receive from the program head. I had to ask about my grades to finally receive them, they had lost one of my submitted finals so I had to resubmit and that still hasn't been graded months later; they should set up something other than email for students in that program to submit their work and to receive the graded assignment back to make it easier on the students and the program head.
I greatly appreciate the support and encouragement from the faculty and staff at Utah State University. I have always had my needs met and have felt that any desire I have they make it happen. Thank you USU for the growth!
I've been at USU since fall of 2009. I'm currently working on my Master's degree in Human Development and Family Studies emphasizing in dementia care. There are multiple clubs and student events. There seems to be something for everyone.
I love being a part of the Aggie family. The campus is beautiful. It is the perfect size. The professors care about their students and want them to succeed. There are a lot of research opportunities. Utah State is a great school!
I was a graduate student here. I came from California. People warned me, but I didn't listen. I have never felt so isolated and lonely as living in Logan. The town is boring (if you are not LBS), the people all look the same (it's creepy), the weather sucks, the canyon is overcrowded (in the summer), and the school is third rate. I have lived in 8 states and dozens of places, this was by far the worst. Left after 4 months!
I have liked Utah State as a graduate student. I came from a very small undergraduate program and appreciate the small feel of the city and the campus. I also appreciate the great opportunities for variety in the education here. The professors are knowledgeable and more than willing to talk with and help a student; all I have to do is ask. And they'll not only give me great advice about school and classes, but they'll talk about how they got to be where they are and what may help you to get where you most want to be. There is always something going on to get involved with whether your interest is in business or art or equality or culture. I think just about anyone who wants to can find a comfortable niche here.
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