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University of Western States Graduate Reviews

25 reviews
Taking up a masters degree in a purely online form is versatile for busy moms like me. I can take care of my kids while also progressing my career. It's an amazing opportunity!
Wonderful small campus setting with the added benefit of being near Portland, OR. The instructors are fantastic, and the quality of learning is without comparision.
The education portion is great. You learn everything you need to be a great chiropractor and more. It sets you up very well to move into practice upon graduation and all the professors are great and invested in your learning. However, it often feels like the school is starting to care less about individual education and just trying to make money; class sizes are increasing, too many students are entering clinic at once etc.
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I like the evidence-based curriculum and the support students give to one another throughout this program. However, I do not believe that the school moving to a new campus is going to be as beneficial. The current campus is enjoyable with the number of buildings and outdoor space, which will be lost in the move.
It’s tough but amazing. I feel like we really are learning everything we need to become the best chiropractor. The reason I gave 4 stars is because there are a few teachers that need to be retired because of their disconnect with the current way teaching is heading. Less pages of learning and more active participation.
University of Western States is a great school for chiropractic students. It teaches evidence based practice and has amazing instructors! I have learned so much from my teachers and have never had them care about me and want me to succeed the same way as they do at UWS.
In general, a good school with professors who deeply care. The transfer process here is pretty bad though. The program is very challenging, but prepares you well.
My experience at UWS has been really great so far. Academically I feel appropriately challenged. I have enjoyed almost all of my courses so far and feel like the time, energy, effort, and money. I am excited about the opportunities that this degree and future education will hold.
Not only is UWS an incredible school that focuses on evidence-based practice, but the fact that it is in Portland is the cherry on top. Being from Canada, there is only one chiropractic school option. The fact that UWS prepares its students to be top notch practitioners, and prepares its Canadian students to be able to ace the Canadian boards, it was a no-brainer to come here. The campus is charming and it has a strong community feel. There are ample opportunities to learn different techniques and speak to current professionals in the field, to ensure that the students are getting an up-to-date, quality education, as well as networking opportunities. I cannot be happier with my decision to join a school where you feel supported and valued.
A great community. Teachers are amazing and everyone is so helpful to others no matter what quarter difference there are.
The DC program is very intense, but there are people to help you every step of the way. The school offers free tutoring and the instructors are very approachable. By the end you will be performing daily miracles in patient's lives and you will have more working knowledge than you thought was possible.
The school provides great learning opportunities and is a wonderful community to be apart of. However, multiple aspects of the program are going through some changes that could have been handled in a more organized fashion.
They provide a great education. As always, there are things that could be improved, but overall I feel like my money is being put to good use and that they are preparing me to be a good chiropractor.
I love the feel of the campus and the community involvement. I wish the administration took more input from the student body about the instructors that are failing to be effective educators, and provided us with new teachers.
University of Western states has great online graduate programs. The classes are engaging and the coursework prepares you for your professional field. I would recommend this school.
At western states you are prepared well for national boards and Canadian boards with the doctor of chiropractic program. Professors teach various ways for skills to help with your journey of becoming the best chiropractic physician that you can. The first 15 months is heavily based in science, which can be grueling but is the foundation to the pathology side of the profession.
I decided to get my MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine through UWS. The online program was great overall.
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One of the best chiropractic colleges. So far the amount of knowledge that I have gathered from the university is exceptional. I will forever be grateful for my 3 years here
My experience at UWS has been amazing so far. The teachers, staff, and students are all committed to your learning and understanding. The school is very hand-on learning and understanding. I feel confident I will be the best doctor I can be for my patients when I am done with school at UWS.
The level of expertise in every subject is above and beyond. The campus community is small and so everyone knows everyone, and it is a bit of a home like feel. I love attending UWS.
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