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University of West Georgia Graduate Reviews

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I am a graduate student taking an online program at UWG. I appreciate that this program is completely online and that it is convenient and affordable. I also appreciate the learning management system that is used (Course Den) and how easy it is to use and access. Communicating with my professors and classmates is also easy and often encouraged. Its been an enjoyable experience thus far
The University of West Georgia is a great learning institution that really helps develop a person. I had many wonderful experiences here. I grew from a young girl to a well rounded educated woman when I graduated on December 15, 2018. I majored in Health and Community Wellness and some of the most amazing professor. They are caring, they really help you in develop and also create opportunities for you to expand.
Completely incompetent admissions department. Impossible to get a straight answer from any department. Not transparent about program tuition- I received a quote of $7,000 from one financial aid agent, "we can't tell you" from another, and $15,000 from my adviser. I was connected to someone higher up in the financial aid office and left a message but never received a call back.

I do really enjoy one of my classes- Dr. Morris is outstanding. However, the other one has no idea what she is doing and is making the experience unbearable.
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I recently completed my Master's degree with West Georgia. I found the whole experience to be very user friendly. My entire degree was completed online and the only time I visited the campus was for graduation. I found the professors to be very friendly and helpful. You could tell that they wanted you to be successful and were willing to answer questions and make any clarifications necessary. I would recommend the online programs to anyone who is interested!
I am an online Graduate student at the University of West Georgia. I complete my courses 100% online. I love that I have access to all the academic resources offered on campus in a digital medium. It is easy for me to communicate with my professors and other students in my class. Their online modules are also easy to maneuver thru and very user friendly. I would recommend the online graduate program at University of West Georgia to anyone.
I attended the University of West Georgia as an undergraduate, graduating in 2015. I am currently pursuing my master's of business administration at UWG as well.
My experience so far at UWG has been incredibly positive. I feel fortunate to be a part of this school and be in the environment that I am in.
This is my first class for some time. I am enjoying the experience. Looking forward to the next semester and expanding my mind at West Georgia.
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