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My graduate school is supportive and flexible. I am able to work and attend school. There are online options and it is challenging as well.
Many options with supportive teachers. The teachers challenge you while supporting you and preparing you for the outside world.
I like the traditional teaching in this school. I prefer ground teaching than online learning. This school is my dream school. I will start taking master science program in this Fall. It is very exciting to get started it. Due to the corona virus, the class might be online for the first quarter. I hope there will be some campus learning at least one quarter.
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Yes, it will be my first quarter. But I have done some research , and I also talked with previous alumni. They said it is definitely an intense one year program It paid off in the end. Most of them found job after this program.
The professors and faculty seem to really care about student success. Though I believe each experience depends on the program.
Wonderful academic advisors and faculty that support students learning and growth. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and the student body is full of energy. The problem with any urban campus is the lack of affordable housing as well as on campus housing being incredibly expensive. I wish campuses would offer more affordable housing instead of relying on capitalist ideals to fund the campus.
I like the University of Washington a lot because the population of Asian students is big and I can easily find an Asian community on campus. Also, it is close to downtown Seattle and you can explore many interesting things in there.
Some classes are challenging but all professors are nice and they are willing to help you to succeed. Some majors are competitive however, there are a lot kinds of majors that you can plan as a backup plan.
The academics at University of Washington are definitely not easy, and it requires hard work and time commitment. However, the college admissions are competitive, and it offers a place only to those students who have the passion to pursue their major.
The University of Washington has been a once in a lifetime, and an absolutely enriching experience for me. With the infrastructure being top class and the investment in research by major tech firms, students are allowed to pursue their passion to the minutest detail.
They have a great variety of courses and schedules, so you can organize yourself as best suits you, the teachers are very friendly and attentive and are always ready to help you. They answer emails super fast and with very useful links. They also give us all the resources to be successful and get the best possible grades.
From the first moment everyone has been very kind, they always answer my doubts and when I have had problems with some requirement they have had tons of patience. I am very grateful and proud to have entered such a prestigious institution. They all motivate me to be better every day and to give my best effort, the courses they offer are of the best quality and I have to choose where I want to guide my career and my future. In addition, the facilities are huge and there is a place to choose from for all kinds of tastes.
I'm trying to apply to live on campus in the graduate student apartments because they are very comfortable and have great locations and a great price compared to other places, plus it's very convenient to live with your classmates. I know that graduating from this university will open doors for me everywhere and that whatever path I choose from this point on, I will have the right foundation thanks to the knowledge acquired here. I recommend to everyone, apply and try
The UW is, without a doubt, the best school in the state and one of the best in the nation. Their Public Health Masters program is ranked in the top ten in the US and in the top 20 in the world.
The professors here are very culturally-conscious about the social determinants of health and do their best to portray them in the most honest and open way. They openly discuss colonialism, patriarchy, and other factors related to health.
Some classes can be very hard and require a lot of work, but UW prepared me for post graduate school and so much more. The professors always were willing to help students learn and understand that if your willing to reach out to them.
I loved the environment the atmosphere. The campus kept you entertained. Also, so many events and opportunities to be better every day.
The school really cares about their students. They work hard to make an inclusive learning environment. I'm happy with the quality of education and support the school provides. I feel respected and valued.

I believe I have developed skills that will help me develop my career.

The school has a great program for teaching skills for interviews and job searching.
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I believe I have developed valuable skills while attending graduate school at the University of Washington in Seattle. I am pursuing a Masters of Science in Information Management.
UW is a great school: excellent professors, interesting courses, and mid-size cohorts. Of course, Seattle is also beautiful with plenty to do and see! I would say that it was also pretty highly priced and- in my program specifically- it was hard to find funding. It has also been hard to find a job after my program; I wished I utilized the on campus career center more.
UW has been really helpful and organized getting started as a graduate student. Their programs are the best in the state and the degree is attached to a name prestigious name.
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