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University of the Sciences Graduate Reviews

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I like how small the school is because it is centered around the person. The faculty in the graduate programs really care about their students and they make us feel welcomed, especially wanting to go to class. You are treated as an equal at this school.
Its a great school, although challenging at times it will come with great rewards. You are pushed for your own good. It is a small school but thats what I like about it because it feels more inclusive. Overall good investment just be willing to put in the work.
Enjoying my time here despite personal set backs in my program. OT department gives lots of hands on opportunities despite some disorganization with professors. All professors still work in the field and give us stories about their experience.
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Since coming here in 2013 (and expecting to graduate 2017 and in 2019), the university has really made the effort to improve and does not look like what it did 4 years ago. They have renovated the dining hall, have plans to create a new freshman/sophomore living space, more educational space, and has a new marketing campaign. Even the landlords around the area have been doing new construction to modernize the living space for students once they move off campus. While I agree that greek life wasn't what it was back in 2014 when I joined, it still has a lively spirit on our campus. Going through one of their accelerated programs, it felt disjointed at first (possibly due to my impatience to "get to the real stuff already"). It was a matter of taking further classes and seeing the material continuously integrate itself. I can say I proudly see myself growing into being as a strong, entry level practitioner.
I am a fifth year pharmacy student at USciences and I can assure you that Temple and Jefferson are a much better choice for a pharmacy school in Philadelphia.
Only school I know that parties during the week and not on the weekend haha. but overall it's not that bad. You just have to know where to go.
When you can, there are so many options for off campus dining and it's all great food! Most places are within walking distance or a short Penn Transit ride!
the campus health is always looking out for us and is usually always available and public safety is always around and patrolling.
I am a part of greek life and I love it. I do not regret my decision to join. It is a very big part of campus activity so it is a great way to get involved.
the gym is very nice and athletics is part of the school but it's not the purpose of the school.
off campus housing is not very hard to find because we are in the city and apartments are relatively easy to find
It just really depends on you and the way you act. Overall administration does what they're supposed to do and is not that bad.
Once you learn how to apply for scholarships and are always looking, then you'll be fine. Also go to the financial aid office for any other assistance because they have any and all information you'll need on financial aid. They gave me a decent amount of money to get through the first 4 years.
The campus food is not like moms homemade cooking but it's not the worst food ever. Once you get used to the food though it's really not that bad.
Minus the freshman dorms, the other dorms are very nice and clean. Plus in the next few years they are building new campus dorms.
Not as bad as people say it is at all.
I love who I have become since I've been here.
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Meal plan is required if you live on campus
So many food options in the city!
Public safety is on every corner to help
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