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University of the Pacific Graduate Reviews

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Love the small classes which creates a tight-nit group with the students and the professors. The food is great. The scenery and events are lively. I can always find something to do. (Free food at these events is a bonus.)
Very friendly and beautiful campus. Small student body and small classes (usually no more than 100 for a lecture). Professors usually very easy to approach, and generally friendly student body who help each other out often. Greek life is prominent, especially the professional fraternities. Downside, it's in Stockton.
Classes are very well managed and have lots of opportunities to get to know the professors and understand the material. I like how small the classes can be because it provides a lot of independent attention between the professor and the students, although small class sizes make getting classes a bit difficult.
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I get a lot of emails from the Career Resource Center who provide a lot of opportunities to assimilate students into the working world. They often host mock interviews and resume writing/review sessions. The pharmacy program has rotations in different environments where you gain experience before graduating, so you can have a better understanding and advantage in the workplace right after graduation.
Stripes is very attentive, although slow and busy at times. Our campus is very security-active, as in we constantly have police roaming the campus at all hours, we have the blue lights set up, and when a crime occurs, steps are taken to prevent it from happening again (such as setting up security cameras on the bridge). Campus is well lit, so I feel pretty safe walking short distances.
The dorms that I resided in were okay, although last year in Grace, we've faced some major problems (AC broke during hot summer months, no hot water in the winter, ant infestations in some rooms, etc.) The cost is pretty pricey, and we have had to pay for fees that were charged to the whole floor because of several people's lack of respect for common areas. I like how close the dorms are to the different buildings on campus, and it's infinitely better when you fill out the questionnaire for roommate compatibility. The walls and floors are very thin and people often don't respect quiet hours.
In my experience, Greeks can be very cliquey and only pay attention to their brothers and sisters (especially the social fraternities/sororities). Some of the professional fraternities are very open and friendly, albeit somewhat hard to get into. Greek life seems to be a major part of our campus though, and many of them have housing either on or off campus. They host a lot of fundraisers outside the UC.
I've only been to a couple men's basketball games, so I don't have much experience with the athletic component of our school. We have a lot of school spirit and the crowd is always incredibly lively at the games. The arena could do with some improvements, like making it look brighter. Otherwise, it's great to go to the basketball games.
I like Pacific due to it's Pre-Pharmacy program and smaller class sizes. People have a really good sense of balance between social life and classes. The professors are either a hit or miss- they're either really helpful and easy to understand, or don't care about the students and their understanding of the material. Most of the time, they're passionate about their subject(s) and helpful.
The school already impressed me with its mascot and original name. When I rode onto campus for the first time, I was impressed. The school was extremely quick to navigate, and also the staff is extremely helpful. The food is great and reasonably priced, the DeRosa University Center is a beautiful place to hang out, and the oncapmus facilities are helpful. My favorite experiences are visiting other dorms to hang out, study in the three floor library (with an extensive collection) and being with my professors during office hours. They are really inclusive. I have very conservative views that some may be wary of, but the school has done nothing to purposefully oust me out on anything. For all these reasons, if I could, I would choose my school and do it all over. The best chance I have is letting my children attend this school as well.
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