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University of the Incarnate Word Graduate Reviews

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I absolutely love attending this university! Professors are fair and responsive to a student's needs, usually responding to a question or concern at all hours of the day. This university also has quality instruction with real challenging material. This is not a run of the mill university where you pay for your degree, you will actually learn something and will be needed to apply yourself in your studies. I am so glad I transferred from my "pay for degree" school to this University.
The school offers so many different programs and degrees. The students and staff are welcoming and helpful. They don’t judge or make you feel as though you aren’t good enough they will encourage you the whole way through.
As an active duty soldier this program is perfectly suited for me. I can take classes on line while not interfering with work. Accessing course work is super easy and the advisors are spot on.
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I am an online graduate student at University of the Incarnate Word- San Antonio, TX. From the time of application, they have been extremely easy to work with, providing quality advice, education, skills, and other offerings. Not only have I continued looking into additional majors in order to continue attending UIW, I have also recommended this university to everyone I know looking for an undergraduate or graduate education.
The University is well diverse and the teachers are very willing to put themselves out there for your betterment. The campus is small enough that you do not feel overwhelmed but still big enough that not everyone knows your name. The area of town around it has many different restaurants with varying price ranges but all delicious.
The thing I loved about the most about UIW was the engagement that was given to me by the professors and advisers. College atmosphere was great with sporting events, festivals, and any other events happening on campus.
UIW was a great place to go to college. It is a small school that allows you the same opportunities that many large universities offer. The professors are there to help and always have an open door policy. I liked having small classes because it allowed me to ask questions during class and not just be a number within a crowd. There are so many different programs offered at UIW and the campus continues to grow every year.
I loved the staff, they were professional, easy to reach, and very understanding. I also loved the formatting of the classes and how the curriculum flowed throughout the semesters.
Adcap Learner - not impressed. The course content is valuable, the professors are very knowledgeable and seem to truly want their students to succeed, beautiful campus. However, the ineffective, arduous and nearly impossible admissions/registration process completely overshadows these positive qualities. I provided feedback on a number of occasions in regards to improving these processes and was talked to like a child. If your heart is set on this institution, make sure you are well versed in Financial Aid, curriculum management and admissions requirements because the admissions counselors certainly are not.
The University of the Incarnate Word is a wonderful university to attend. Their focus on each individual student is profound, and what makes UIW who they are. From the smaller classes, to the "everybody knows everybody" type of vibe, UIW provides a feeling of individuality to each and every student that attends.
While attending UIW for my Bachlors degree I had a very memorable expierence. The class size was small and it was easy to create study groups and friends. The teachers were open if help was needed outside the classroom. I would highly recommended this school to others.
I attended and graduated the BSN program May 2016 and loved the experience. Professors were intelligent, helpful and passionate. I enjoyed the beauty of the campus, surrounding areas and also the community activities and events hosted by the university. Most importantly, I loved the universities' commitment to ethics and commitment to the underserved and surrounding community.
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