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University of the Cumberlands Graduate Reviews

6 reviews
Great professors. Fantastic online experience using iLearn with a knowledgeable IT staff. The online library is amazing, plus access to real librarians makes everything reachable.
Great school and a tremendous value, especially for graduate students who are looking for an accredited institution that is also highly ranked by U.S. New and World Report.
Its a good college, Its a religious college, so if you aren't on the religious side of things, this might not be the place for you. Good professors, sometimes they forget how online schooling works, but they learn fast and it always works itself out.
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The graduate programs have a smaller than average student:instructor ratio. The rigorous academic curriculum means that you will work hard, and earn a strong, reputable degree.
I'm a returning grad student and their program has made it possible for me to return to school while being a stay-at-home Mom!
University of the Cumberlands initially made my list to consider based on the cost and the draw of online classes (helping me spend more time with my family). But as I researched the program and spoke to previous students, I was impressed by the quality of the education and the teaching. And it has not disappointed! It is a great schedule for someone who is working and has a family, and the coursework and teaching is thorough. I feel prepared for my field! ”
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