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University of the Arts Reviews

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I would like more scholarships available for students. There should be a transparent way to apply for admissions into the school.
pretty incredible facilities and staff, many complain but i feel it is due to their own lack of effort.
The Campus is amazing. There are many student events, and more importantly free food! The professors are down to earth and easy to contact if you forgot to ask a question in class. I was in the Animation Department, It is a pretty cool/ hands on and informative program. The community is great and there are many places to explore in Center City Philadelphia.
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I have only been attending this university for one semester, but I plan to stay for all four years. Throughout my short time there so far, I have not had a single teacher who didn't like their job or was a bad teacher. All of my teachers have passion for performance as well as teaching. They have all been super helpful, encouraging, and supportive and I thrive in the program. I also adore the students there. I have made so many amazing friends, acquaintances, and connections for future collaboration. I can't wait for the next semester.
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