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University of Texas - San Antonio Graduate Reviews

24 reviews
The stipend for our (business) program is very good compared to those of some other programs. There is also research and travel funding available!
You have to be proactive: some classes will be in other departments and you have to be willing to find them on your own. Professors are kind and willing to help you with research.
The MPA program was manageable. The professors were helpful. I was a PT student so I cannot speak on student life. The DT campus doesn't offer housing.
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I would not change anything. My experience was good. The program helped me transition to a permanent job through a program required internship.
This is a good school that is local and can offer really good education for the kids who want better opportunities
had beautiful campus I think UTSA is a great school because it isn't too big. It is not small either, but small enough to get to know people and form lasting friendships. I would definitely add A LOT more parking. When I talk to people and tell them I go to UTSA most of them agree with me on what a great school it is. Most of the time that I am here (usually from 6 AM until 9:30 PM, including 8-10 hours on Saturdays) I am either in the BSE building or the EB in a computer lab. San Antonio is a great city for a college.
such a great experience in san Antonio being able to have lots of freedom and being able to make a new friend daily.
I am a transfer student from SAC and it's a great change from where I've transferred from there are definitely a lot more people then I had expected here but so far the classes are huge but great as every student helps each other out because we all understand that we're in this together and want to make the best grade we can get.
I have been going to this school for two years and I like but I would change food prices let students pick what they want to pay in their fees.
I love that there are so many opportunities for growth! The school is very diverse and there are so many different majors for anyone!
I truly have enjoyed my time at this school because of the immense opportunities it has to offer. Whether it be grow academically, grow spiritually, grow in your group of friends, UTSA makes it possible. I've been able to use majority of the resources it has to offer, and will probably end up graduating without having tried them all! There are so many things to do. You'll never end up bored. You'll find people with the same interests as you, and you'll be able to share many wonderful moments with them! Professors are understanding and kind, yet stern and ready to teach. UTSA, overall, has improved in many areas, and its three campuses allow students to visit different areas of San Antonio and still be connected with their school. UTSA is the place to be! GO ROADRUNNERS!
I am starting my second year as a graduate student at UTSA and love the school. The campus has an easy flow to it and the population is very diverse. I have classes with people from many other countries and love the perspectives they bring. This is by far my favorite college that I have attended.
UTSA still has the "small college feel" but with the added opportunities of a larger university. We have a very diverse population in a fantastic city, and a very laid-back and comfortable campus that is both blooming and beautiful.
UTSA is a very diverse place. It is a place where you can easily make friends while relaxing and studying in different work study areas anytime you need too.
I enjoyed the diversity of the school, as well as the commitment of the professors to help the students succeed.
Seen too many instances of UTSA administration helping students cheat to take them seriously anymore. As a GTA, several of my individual students' grades (for students who refused to turn in any work) mysteriously showed up as curved by 3 letter grades.
UTSA has a large professor to student ratio. Personally, that created a lack of attention needed to do well in the class. Some classes include too many group projects but are lacked of instructions of how to be sufficient.
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My experience overall at UTSA has been challenging but most of all exciting as I am preparing for my career in geosciences.
I would simply add more universities to the list because i am intrested in The University of Texas at El Paso and it is never an option.
I feel completely safe walking around the Downtown Campus during the day. After getting out of my night class, I take a few extra precautions while walking to my car, just to be safe. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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