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University of Texas - Permian Basin Graduate Reviews

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Great university. The professors are great, some of them come from Ivy Leagues. There are always there to help you. The dorms are nice and campus is safe. The class sizes are usually small - about an average of 30-40 students per classroom, depending on the class. The university has seen some recent remodelations around campus and they just built a new engineering building. The faculty and staff really care about the students and the environment is overall very friendly.
I am a graduate student and feel that the counseling program is top-notch. Professors are always available and respond quickly, employees are helpful and friendly, classes are small and diverse. The atmosphere of the campus is conducive to learning for all levels of students and tutoring readily is available. The campus has a high level of safety and I would feel good about sending my child to live here. There are also plenty of jobs available for students in the city of Odessa.
It's clear that the staff at UTPB genuinely want to help students and see them succeed. It was a great experience. This school has plenty of options for those who need financial assistance as well.
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Try getting any help from the Grad studies department or financial aid - it is non existent.

Repeated phone calls and emails have gone completely unanswered. Finally decided I would attend somewhere that had the staff to answer questions and not just ignore their students.
I applied for one of their online graduate degree programs.

Their admissions staff is completely incompetent. They couldn't (or worse wouldn't) answer simple questions by email about the status of my application, so how am I supposed to trust their online instruction?

I ended up just paying an extra application fee to University of Texas Rio Grande instead. Got accepted, and everything is wonderful. I'm fortunate not to have wasted any more money on Permian Basin. It's a 3rd-rate institution.
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