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University of Texas - El Paso Graduate Reviews

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This is a great school but I wish there was more school spirit. I love how kind the students and professors are. I think the professors want the best for the students and I appreciate the investment they have in the students.
UTEP provides ample opportunity to support students. Due to its geographical location, the University is perfectly situated for those seeking to conduct research related to Hispanics. Also, faculty and staff are supportive and help you achieve your academic and career goals. The only downside is it does feel a bit isolated since there are no major cities in the US in close proximity.
I enjoyed my experience at UTEP and would recommend this college to anyone who is looking for a diversified campus. There are a lot of opportunities to become involved, not just on campus but within the community as well. The campus is located in an area of the city that has a lot to offer and is not very far from downtown. While El Paso is a big city, it is also comfortable and feels almost like a small-town because of how friendly and welcoming the community is.
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The campus is beautifully located on the mountains and shines with amazingly designed buildings. If I could change one thing about the campus it would be to better the dance department.
They have a great Geology / Earth Science program with many opportunities to be involved in. The courses offered are 'hands-on' and the skills that are learned can be transferred to a working environment. Many employers visit the school on a regular basis to inform students of employment possibilities and internships.
I appreciate the community and the fact that is an HSI. The graduate facility for Health Professions is a bit antiquated and should be updated. The staff for my program are very reliable but can be rather unorganized. Overall the program is strenuous and challenging. I like it here.
The campus is huge and you can easily get lost. There are a lot of things to do right on campus as well as right around the area. There are lot of students there, but not much of a diversity. Mostly Spanish speaking students due to the area that the school is in. Due to the huge populations, most of the classes are an average of 150 students. Trying to get to know your professors takes more effort than needed and when trying to get a letter of recommendation wouldn't be very personable.
UTEP has great, skilled professors who are always accessible to meet one on one with students who demonstrate willingness to learn. The Chemistry department has excellent resources to assist students in mastering the difficult concepts, and a unique peer-led class that allows students to learn from their fellow peers who have already mastered the course. The campus is beautiful, the staff is friendly, and the students are dedicated and driven.
Beautiful campus with very nice people. And many opportunities for research. There are many areas to go study both indoors and outdoors and many options for food. I loved completing my undergrad at UTEP and decided to stay for graduate school.
I very much like UTEP and I definitely recommend it to friends and family, very good University with ease of contacting and seeing your professors. A pretty simple campus but the one thing they need to improve on is the parking space and the cost of food on campus. A simple plate is about 9 dollars not including a drink, for an undergrad it can take a toll eating at school. The cost of food can definitely benefit everyone and parking can be a mess. I paid for a parking garage(which isn't cheap by any means) and I always had trouble finding a parking space whether it be at 8AM or 3PM.
The professors overall are very good, the University could have more degree programs available for the students and tuition is lower than most colleges.
I have always been interested in studying abroad and when I came across university of texas at El paso as my dream school after reviewing their advanced way of teaching and relating to international students coupled with their professional lecturing team as well as their ever equipped libraries for studies I fell in love with the university. The engineering faculty is a one stop and never to forget faculty with all it takes equipped in it. I advise any prospective study abroad student to consider this university as number one in his/her list for admission.
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