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University of Texas - Dallas Graduate Reviews

20 reviews
Great undergrad experience. Came back for graduate studies. Richardson / Plano area is thriving and UTD is central to all of it.
The facilities, organizations' involvement, services to students, location... are all of high quality. It is a great university with a nerdy touch.
Very small school, good stepping stone for future opportunities. Highly diverse. Feels separate from the UT family.
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The university brings together a variety of different cultures so if you want to study in an environment where you will be exposed to different cultures and learn alongside smart students from around the world this is the place for you.
One of the characteristics I look for in schools is diversity. I value diverse student, faculty, and staff populations. UTD has provided me with that. I also love that there are so many different cultures, backgrounds, and disciplines to study. Most importantly, I have been greatly challenged in my graduate studies of molecular and cell biology. This school will definitely help open the door to medical school.
Great advising staff and value. School is ranked well nationally. Offers great networking opportunity
High quality academics. Some professors are good, some aren't. Overall a good school to go to if you are majoring in Math, Engineering, Science, or Business.
This past semester was my first semester as a graduate student and my first semester at UTD. I completed my undergrad at a sister school and the difference between the two were night and day. UTD offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where staff and faculty are more than willing to sit down and go through everything you have questions about or are concerned with.
The school is very organized. Professors are knowledgeable and supportive. The campus itself is beautiful.
UTD is an amazing University that I would recommend to anyone. They are diverse and have the best professor's.
I feel I’ve gotten a solid undergraduate education through UTD. The campus has transformed for the better over the past decade. There are lots of campus resources and housing and lifestyle options for a variety of types of students.
Great school for those looking for quality STEM degrees. Up and coming MBA program. Great connections to local employers.
The first half of my undergrad experience was warm and exciting. I met many people and clicked with the faculty. Excited to study. Now I'm a TA for grad school and the experience is depressing, truly. There are no hot guys to distract me in grad classes and that makes it so hard to focus?
I think Utd is a very good school for bachelors as well as your graduate studies. The campus is very accessible and easy to navigate, there are several activities for students to take part in and have a great student life experience. The faculty at Utd is amazing as well, all the professors are very understanding and helpful. They sincerely have the students best interest in mind and are always ready to help the students when needed. I really enjoy my time at Utd and wouldn't trade the experience for anything else in the world.
I have not seen issues related to drugs arise on campus, in my time there.
I believe the UTD campus is a very safe place because I have not seen any criminal activity of assault take place so far.
UTD has a great alumni network and on campus recruiting that helps current students find jobs and internships.
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My overall experience has been great, everyone is friendly and ready to help. The professors are very helpful and understanding as well.
I don't use campus housing because I commute.
The greek students blend in with the non-greek students and you can't really tell a difference in their behavior.
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