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University of Texas - Austin Graduate Reviews

9 reviews
A very difficult university to get into and once you are in it remains so. Classes are hard and at some times unnecessarily so. However you have every chance to speak with professors and TA's and the culture on campus is great.
A star among universities, a degree worth alot in the industry. The univeristy is also in the city, where plenty of things can be accomplished.
This university will push you to grow outside of your comfort zone, and you will learn valuable lessons regardless of pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree that you can actually apply in real world situations. I really enjoyed the history portion of my degree program, but found the technology portions lacking. Regardless of scheduling, you will find yourself fighting for machines during finals and midterms. The architecture department does help you find a firm to work with upon graduation, which is incredibly helpful in the long run.
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UT Austin has it all: a vibrant and diverse community, location right in the middle of an amazing city, and plenty of professional opportunities. There is a strong school spirit prevalent in every student and something for everybody.
The University of Texas at Austin provides a culture that stimulates and fuels that school's motto of "what happens here changes the world".
Good campus and great faculty. Sometimes a little territorial when it comes to cross-department collaboration.
University of Texas at Austin is one of the best universities in the world, it has a very good diversity with perfect weather .
Student centralized university, focused on the safety and wellbeing of their students. Plenty of distressing activities during finals.
I love UT so much. It's very affordable and by attending, you're getting a degree from a "public ivy". Your degree will go a long way. The academics can be very very challenging, but you're in classes with top notch professors and really smart and hard working classmates.
Outside of academics, there are a ton of organizations and clubs to be involved in. The greek scene is huge but for people looking outside of that, there is an outstanding radio station, comedy magazine, interest clubs, service clubs, and intramural athletics. Th campus is beautiful and despite a few recent incidents, the campus feels safe. The atmosphere is welcoming.
Ultimately you get out what you put in and if you invest time and energy into pursuing what you love, there's no better place to study than UT.
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