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University of Texas - Arlington Reviews

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The experience is UTA was neutral to almost everything but being alone and having a hard life as an immigrant, I choose to stay in Texas where I came initially and chose UTA since its comparatively cheaper than other colleges.
The international and academic department is horrible. It just seems no one knows their duty actually and everybody is pretending to know everything which is not useful to the student. No matter even student has 4.0, they won't help with scholarships and tuition.
The coursework was very engaging, useful, with enough challenge. With dedication, the load is manageable.
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I liked the campus and my professors okay. I was only there a year, but I think I was more turned off with my program mostly being online.
So far so good I am not complaining. Nice activities around the campus and Teachers are very helpful.
Awesome Teachers! great learning ; I can't wait for Fall to get here despite the coronas virus Pandemic
Coursework was engaging allowing me to connect with other students/professionals in order to better understand and discuss the material. Readings were interesting and relevant for my career.
Allowed me to complete a master's degree completely online in just 18 months. Very affordable. Understanding professors. Able to be successful with the material, earning a 4.0 GPA.
The University of Texas at Arlington is one of the best and most diverse university. The people there are super friendly. There are multiple resources that students can take advantage of to have an enjoyable college experience and to have a successful career after they have earned their degrees.
The professors are very knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach. Their enthusiasm when teaching makes the classes more enjoyable and learning more exciting. They do everything they can to help their students succeed in class.
The advising office does not actually advise. Every time I speak to my advisor, I feel like I am speaking to a recording as her answers are rote and not geared towards my needs. Also the cohorts make it very challenging to arrange your schedule. I feel like they are to interested in interested in directing students to online classes (a less expensive approach for the university).
I have had some really good professors in my first year as a MSW student. Most professors have a solid curriculum. Unfortunately, there is a real problem with the advising office and the field work office. There are very few good field opportunities.
So far my experience in the University of Texas at Arlington has been good. There are plenty of facilities and resources that students can take advantage of like the free flu shots, six free counseling and psychological services, the gymnasium areas, student development centers, and more.
For my graduate program in Industrial-Organizational psychology, I found my classes to be in general, well structured and well taught. The classes have provided a realistic outlook on how the education we learned in class is applicable to real life/the corporate world.
Being at the University of Texas at Arlington has been an enriching experience that let me develop into a better person as a whole. Most professors generally care about the success of their students and are willing to provide any help that they can muster. The campus itself is fairly nice to behold despite the constant ongoing construction and development of the area.
So far I'm loving it. I really get to see the entire side of academic life and how it'll help my growth in the "real world".
UTA was an amazing experiences for someone being away from home. The campus is nice and diverse and it is still pretty affordable. The professors care about your education and will help you achieve your goals.
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I have done online course work only with this school and it has been challenging at times. I’m not sure how much of that is the college or online format, since I have nothing to compare to. Overall I feel my education has been worth the cost.
I love how easy it is to navigate my courses online, get in touch with my professors and advisors, and work through my courses at my pace while I work full time. This program has allowed me to balance my work/school/family life better than any other program I have been involved in.
Lack of support with the exception of certain professors. No individualized programs. When looking for clinical sites you must be able to find them and get approved. So, start early.
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