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University of South Florida Graduate Reviews

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It was easy to commute. Great friendly teaching staff, helpful and genuinely concerned about your educationally path and making sure you succeed.
I love the diversity of the student population that University of South Florida has to offer. The multi-cutural aspect of the students is fascinating because it allows for a blend of cultures and cancels out prejudices and racism.
USF is an amazing school with faculty and students that truly care about student success and learning. During my time here as a master’s student in the cyber security program, I have never felt more welcomed by a school than at USF. The professors and advisors are always eager to help in any ways that they can and are passionate about the success of their students.
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Excellent diversity. Warm, welcoming campus. Library hours are ideal for late night students, like me.
I just completed my third year in the PhD program and am so glad I chose this school. I received my Masters of Arts in Statistics with a 4.0 GPA from University of South Florida. PhD in Mathematics is a challenging program, but professors are very helpful.
If you are looking for a diverse campus that offers wonderful programs administered by gifted professors, then the University of South Florida is right for you. The main campus of USF, is located right in the middle of Tampa, Florida. It is surrounded by fine dining, theme parks, a lively downtown, and beautiful beaches. My time at USF has always been a pleasure, and I have been fortunate enough to meet and study beside some of the most gifted individuals. My favorite part of USF is the staff because they are always readily available to help you with anything and everything. They truly have made my experience AT USF an easy one!
As an undergraduate, I loved USF's guidance for pre-medical students! USF also has a devotion to undergraduate research which is a great way to build credentials before graduate school. The reason my rating is only 4 stars is because USF has terrible parking which is quite important for me as a commuter. Regarding the medical school, while I have not started yet, it appears to very a casual and cooperative environment, which should help alleviate some of the stress of medical school.
I transferred to this school and found everything I wanted after being miserable at my prior institution. It's diverse, large in population and size, and offers something for everyone. I am most proud of the emphasis on health careers because I graduated with my Bachelors in Public Health.
The campus is large with many amenities available for students. There's something for everybody on campus. One of the cool options are the exercise classes (including yoga!) available for students (and non-students). The Marshall Student Center is a great hub for studying and interaction, whether or not it's casual among friends or for meetings with organizations.
It’s a great University with many options for majors. I am currently a grad student and they offer a cohort program where I attend on the weekends. The professors are knowledgeable. The only downside is the cost if you have to pay out of pocket.
As a USF Health graduate student, I love all the opportunities that we have to interact with members of the community through the USF Health Service Corps. I would like to see greater diversity in terms of race, religion, gender identity, sexual identity, disability status, veteran status, etc. reflected in the faculty, staff and student body. I feel like we have access to incredible facilities and resources on the main campus and satellite campuses.
They answer emails and question pretty fast, which helps with the application process. My sister and my cousin went to USF and they enjoyed the modern style campus and the teachers. Overall the campus life is the best and the community is all inclusive. The only problem I personally have is the parking passes. you have to pay a tremendous amount just for a parking pass and its not even for the whole year! Also it a nice good 20 minute walk from the parking lot to your classroom.
Lots of things to do. The campus is beautiful with plenty of plants life. There are a lot of opportunities to work on campus, which is very convenient and conducive to learning.
This is my first year of graduate school in Univerity of South Florida. I like this school a lot regarding my department. I have excellent professors and my classes are well-organized and interesting. During this one year, I improved my English and learning skills. All of the professors helped me in this. Therefore, I am happy to be here and study at this university.
It's ecosystem of support is amazing! The area could be improved though. The city officials and affiliated organizations are working on it though.
My program lacks in numbers of professors and research opportunities. The curriculum is changing and seems to be changing each day. It is a bit disorganized. The program is also full of entirely USF employees, no one brings diverse institutional experiences to the campus.
USF is an organized school with good academics and professors who hold a high standard of quality. I never experienced living on campus however, I do believe that much of tuition is used frivolously on decor and gardening at the university as well as superfluously on athletics. Departments such as Art are not given the same funding and therefore have not been remodeled for at least 20 years based on the dates from graffiti.
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The campus is huge and the grounds are absolutely beautiful. On days where it wasn't extremely hot outside, it did not feel like I was in Florida. This is a growing university that I highly recommend to those looking for research and innovation opportunities. Their facilities are state of the art and they are continuously growing and improving for their students. I went here for my undergrad and will be attending their pharmacy program in the fall. I feel more than ready and extremely excited to be a part of their program.
USF is a very accepting and diverse environment with lots of opportunities for growth and learning. The professors are dedicated to excellence and my experience thus far has been extremely rewarding.
The University of South Florida believes in diversity, it does not encourage discrimination in any form. The professors are very dedicated to students' learning and the environment is good for studying. There are a lot of extra currricular activities for everyone interest. I would encourage my peers and future students to enroll with the University of South Florida.
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