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University of South Alabama Graduate Reviews

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I have not attended school yet and it will be online.I am working on Psychiatric
Mental Health Nurse Practitioner graduate degree. Price is competitive
and coursework is challenging yet practical . I am looking forward to visiting the campus and getting started with this seven semester graduate program.
There is great support from professors and staff, particularly in the nursing field. In studying for acute care nurse practitioner the faculty have been extremely supportive of my goals.
The university is challenging. I like the flexibility of the programs they offer. They offer programs for traditional and nontraditional students. The programs are rigorous but doable.
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I began taking graduate nursing classes via South Alabama's online MSN program. I selected to apply to this program after doing some research on top programs within the country. So far the courses have been well organized and the professors have been very helpful. I believe this university stands by it's values and mission. I will have to travel to the campus twice throughout the 2 year program and look forward to seeing what the physical campus has to offer.
excellent academic advisor assistance with application for only MSN-NP program. staff emailed me back quickly. courses work within my schedule and are reasonably priced. online software is more complicated than others (not as easy as Blackboard or Canvas).
I have enjoyed the opportunity to earn a degree online while remaining in my current employment and community. The opportunity my education will give me from USA is almost limitless.
I go on-line and this is really challenging. I think they try but its a lot of self-taught time. There's a fair amount of "fluff" and I think some of it is completely extraneous. Staff is nice. The worst part is finding your own clinical sites with no school support.
I like that the instructors are very involved with the students and that they genuinely care. I don’t have anything bad to say, so far so good.
I have been at South for 5.5 years. I am an international student who came in as a student-athlete, graduated undergrad, and I am currently in a Master's program.
South offers good, but not necessarily excellent academics, a beautiful campus, a relatively diverse student body, somewhat (but not terribly) limited dining options, limited parking spaces, proximity to the beach, cheap education, and a rapid rise in stature in, not only the Gulf Coast, but in Alabama and the South.
Highly recommended if you are a Gulf Coast resident looking for value for your money whilst still getting the full college experience.
My experience as a USA Alumna and Graduate Student has been amazing. My experience as a college student has helped me to develop individually by deciding what field of study I want to pursue. While pursuing my B. A. in Communication with a minor in English, my academic performance soared because I was pursuing my passion in the field of Communication and English, and I enjoyed my courses. I discovered my passion for writing when I decided to have an English minor. My professors were very helpful and worked with me one-on-one to make sure that they did all they can to help me succeed. Now I am currently pursuing my M.F.A. with a primary concentration in Graphic Design and a secondary concentration in Printmaking. Living on campus has been a great experience for me because it helped me to develop my own sense of independence and freedom. Also, while living on campus I have free internet access, and it is convenient for me to go to school/work and attend campus activities.
I love that I can earn my Masters and Doctorate online. I chose USA because they offer a Dual Nurse practitioner program that includes the doctorate.
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