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University of Saint Joseph Graduate Reviews

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The campus, facilities, and amenties are clean and accessible. The faculty and administration team are about 1 or 2 degrees away from direct sources or heads of department which makes for easier communication, answers, and updates. I would add a kitchen at the pharmacy building and/or some more kitchen items.
I loved how inviting and hands on this university is. The social work program is excellent with their field work, they really care about their students.
Overall experience was good so far . I will suggest my friends to do secondary teaching certification course here . Instructors were really great . They helped me a lot .
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I enjoy going to a smaller school. The professors get to know you one-on-one, the school resources like tutoring center, and reference librarian are more available to you, and you get to know your classmates. USJ has a great community of diverse students without feeling like just a number at a larger school.
I like the smaller classes and the connections that I am able to make with my professor's. I feel as though I get a lot of time to interact with my professor's, as well as my peers.

I would like to see more diversity in my classrooms, however, this may not be related to USJ, as much as it is related to my program. As a graduate student studying Education, I am a white female student, and would love to see other ethnic groups studying education as well.
USJ has a pretty and small campus so it is easy to get around. The Physician Assistant program is new and needs work. Sky high deceleration rate (by national standards) absolutely no support for academically struggling students (weeder program), and poor quality faculty with limited teaching experience that bully their students.
Undergrad program was better than the grad program, but I wouldn't have chosen any other school. USJ is a wonderful school and has the potential to be a leader in the field of acedemia.
I like that the University of Saint Joseph community was very welcoming and friendly. There's open communication between students and professors and staff. Also, professors are willing to help students when they need it. Small class sizes help students with getting individualized attention and direction from the professors.
I am a graduate student at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) and really like the small class sizes, the individual attention the profession is able to give you, the proximity to shopping centers. The information taught is relevant and practical to you’re major. I would like for there to be an increase in men to women ratio. The new President of USJ recently made changes and declared USJ to be a co-education university.
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