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University of Redlands Graduate Reviews

5 reviews
I have really enjoyed my time at the University of Redlands. The best part about the school is having your scheduled set for your entire program once you are accepted. There is no need to fight for classes or wonder if you will graduate on time.
The faculty is quick to answer questions and process your paperwork. You are able to get a hold of staff.
The University of Redlands is a great school! I am currently in the Graduate program and find that it is very interesting. The professors and staff are very helpful. I recommend the University of Redlands and encourage all to visit the campus in Redlands, Ca.
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The University of Redlands is a beautiful campus where the teachers are very supportive of student needs. I appreciate how caring the professors are about the wellbeing of their students. This is especially important in the graduate program since many of us are also working full time. The campus feels safe. I only wish that the university was a bit more affordable and had greater diversity.
My four years went by really fast. The professors are amazing, and you can really have an one-on-one relationship with them. Most of the professors are there because they love teaching/what they do. My experience here was so nice, that i am going to grad school there right now.
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