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University of Pittsburgh Graduate Reviews

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University of Pittsburgh Medical School is unparalleled in surgical, neurology, emergency care, diagnostics, patient care, prosthetics. Residency offerings are among the most extensive in the USA. Usually rated in the top ten medical schools in all available metrics.
My 3 years as an undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh have provided me with life experiences that I will never forget and have become the best years of my life. Pitt has provided me with challenging academics as well as a multitude of essential life experiences. I have had the chance to make connections with many of my amazing professors, as well as have been able to reach out into the community with the help of this University. I have been able to attain my goal of being accepted into the University of Pittsburgh's graduate Doctor of Occupational Therapy program due to the rigorous academics provided in my undergraduate years. Pitt has truly fostered my dreams has allowed me to flourish as a student and as a professional individual.
The University of Pittsburgh has a top notch education that I could not be getting many other places. I am learning class material from experts in the field. Additionally, the city has so many resources, and the school has so many connections that I am able to participate in diverse clinical experiences. Pittsburgh is a hub for medical research as well, so the students have access to groundbreaking research that other parts of the country do not yet have access to.
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I attend as a graduate student. I like the urban setting and amenities of local communitities. There is always something to do on the weekend and great new restaurants to try. Free bus pass with your student ID makes commuting easy. My programs were what I wanted, but I suggest looking in to if your program of interest is theory vs. practical skills based, what criteria are used for its national ranking, and what types of jobs graduates can get upon leaving the program.
I had some wonderful professors at Pitt. But I also experienced some of the absolute worst in my many years in graduate programs. The administration was apathetic about helping me solve problems. Professors are protected to act how ever they please and often have horrible behavior. There are zero consequences for them. The support system for students is less than impressive .
I absolutely loved my undergraduate experience at the University of Pittsburgh - so much, I stayed here for grad school!
Convenient and safe location for students. Very collaborative culture and faculties provide highly organized lectures.
Great student life. University''s student services department go to great lengths to ensure students have a wonderful time here.
The program I am in (Library Science) is mostly ignored by the administration. Our building is drafty. The program is being revamped, which means that a lot of professors are retiring or leaving, and students are left with a limited number of classes to select. There are constantly problems with transcripts being misplaced, students being promised tuition remission and then not receiving it, and students never hearing back from professors or administrators they attempt to contact. The graduate student groups are poorly organized and receive little guidance. When a mistake is made with paperwork, it takes a long time to get it corrected and the school will not admit it was their mistake. The required classes are often redundant, and valid electives are not made clear (and sometimes not listed at all). There is almost no communication regarding funding and even in a small program it is easy to be overlooked and ignored when you have a problem.
An interesting mix of a urban and traditional campus, which is both beautiful and convienent. Good faculty, and a lot of changes happening as well.
I appreciate the choices of programs and the overall campus vibe in a small city. There is limited course selection at times and there is not too much diversity.
Good local acknowledgement in the great Pittsburgh area. Students are hardworking with some party groups too. Faculty are responsible and efficient. Traditional atmosphere in the local area. Dorms are expensive compared to the local housing prices. Not many choices on campus food.
The University of Pittsburgh is a large research institution that offers a variety of degree programs for undergraduates and interdisciplinary opportunities for graduate students as well. The graduate programs generally are well-funded and offer great teaching experience to help prepare for academic careers. Tuition is a bit more expensive than at comparable public universities, although the experience and employ-ability of students is generally favorable.
Have been to Pitt for undergrad and grad. Very well connected and lots of events to attend. Campus culture is great, with a nice variety of people that attend.
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