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University of Pennsylvania Graduate Reviews

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The amount of opportunities offered by UPenn is tremendous. The campus looks good. Philly is also a good place to visit.
The campus is beautiful and peaceful: green lawns, trees, brick buildings and walkways, and statues. The food on campus is pretty good, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Your experience at the University of Pennsylvania will absolutely depend on the school and department you attend. From my experience, the administrative side of attending the school is challenging at times. Financial aid doesn't always alert students to new processes prior to them occurring, causing confusion and delays in refunds. I did receive a generous grant from the school, so that was a huge plus.
My experience is with the Graduate School of Education. The GSE has faculty doing cutting-edge work, but they give little attention to their teaching in my program. The Penn library is superb.
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I love it here. When I first visited I felt immediately at peace. I love the safe, beautiful campus in the middle of an awesome city. Every day I'm here I feel I'm developing more as a person. Awesome art, great libraries, kind students.
University of Pennsylvania has a well informed instructors who go above and beyond to tutor students. Assigned Readings, individual assignments and group assignments are all structured to fit in and help students understand better. Class participation is encouraged with games and interesting activities to help impact knowledge. What I don't like is that the school is extremely expensive and at this point, am not sure if I can pay for my fall courses.
Getting through Penn is a huge accomplishment. It is highly competitive and stressful, mostly because of the Wharton School mindset seems to permeate to the other colleges as well. Mental health is a huge issue for many students and it seems like many students are not getting adequately treated. The school does have a lot of resources for students compared to other schools. There are support systems and great professors if you know where to look.
A great interdisciplinary academic community with a rich tradition of community based opportunities. Founded by Ben Franklin, Penn is grounded in a humanistic viewpoint that accepts students from diverse backgrounds.
I liked the environment along with the academic curriculum. The Professors were great and the overall performance of staff was magnificent. I was able to stay focused and if I fell short I was supported by a cast that did not allow me to fail behind. The support was overwhelming and the school itself lived up to the number rankings it received. I would recommend Penn to anyone who is ready for the challenge.
I love the convenience of my program’s course schedule. As a full time graduate student who is also employed full-time, the university makes it possible for me to do both. The staff is accessible and kind. It has been a very pleasant academic process for me.
The world Campus is the best of it's kind! Through their online graduate program in Homeland Security, I am able to continue my education while at the same time working in my home state.
I loved my undergraduate experience at UPenn. The campus is beautiful and it is obviously a great school. West Philadelphia has also come a long way in the past decade or so, and I always felt safe on campus. The dining halls leave some to be desired, but they are pretty average college dining halls. The dorms are pretty nice - especially the Quad and New College House. Social life is vibrant, but the general support for athletics is lacking. My biggest criticism of the school is its poor mental health and the lack of initiative on the administration's side to improve it.
Amazing school, amazing resources, amazing professors, amazing education. Located in the inner city but all the better for a student's social life. No doubt a great university to attend if can be accepted.
Like any colleges, Penn has both pros and cons. As a graduate student in the School of Social Policy and Practice at Penn (Master's of Social Work), I find that the biggest strength of Penn is its wide reach of professional network, research, etc.

The amount of resources/networking opportunities available for developing insight, experience, and others is unimaginable here at Penn. Having deep connections with all three sectors of the non-profit, for-profit, and governmental world brings its students enormous opportunities and information/knowledge to learn and grow from.

The cons, however, is that Penn as a whole seems a bit lacking in terms of student activism and engagement. There are clubs to join. But, I rarely see them out in the quad or the walkway outreaching or being vocal about a variety of issues students are concerned with in this age and time.
School of nursing at UPenn is worth the investment, but like any college education you get out of it what you put into it. My professors have all been engaged, knowledgeable and helpful.
The university had exceptional teachers and curricular content. The pace of studies is critical but the workload is enormous, much more than the stated time. Happy to attend but it would have been a better realization to understand how much work it was going to take.
Amazing college. This place feels like home. A seemingly large campus, yet also small because you get to meet so many people on locust walk. Penn is a wonder.
Penn is a great school for graduate school. The campus and surrounding area is really nice - there are restaurants, bars, fast food, shopping, and convenience stores all within a five minute walk. Professors are helpful, but they are also very busy as they are so involved. Being in Philly provides a great living experience, although the cost of living is pretty expensive.
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Many flyers on campus to help people with addictions. Very positive

I don't feel threatened by people taking drugs.
Very close to center city and you can pretty much walk to clubs there if u wanna hang out. Students study hard but if u can find your niche that likes parties (and that's not too hard either).. You're good!

There are bars around campus and they are easily accessible and convenient. Make sure you organize some house parties (as often as you want - That's allowed!) Also, invite Drexel students... [Save them from their homework laden lives]
Party scene is positive (great way to network) my department actually holds "happy hours" and they pay for the alcohol (no professors attending). I have friends in many other departments and am allowed to go to their happy hours too... Very positive - college experience
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