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University of Oklahoma Graduate Reviews

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The University of Oklahoma is a very popular and rigorous graduate school. The professors who work at the graduate school level are very committed, professionals who are passionate about the subjects that they teach. There is a high level of expectation for the students to meet the criteria for graduate course work. There is great pride shown in being able to lead the students at this level of education as well as discipline expected to achieve the work required for graduation. There is a need for continued growth in a more diverse student body at the graduate school level. With the leadership of the new president, the graduate school should be able to achieve even more success that it has been know for in the history of the university.
Overall, the staff and advisors at The University of Oklahoma have provided me with an ample amount of information to get me started with my graduate program. The online schools are flexible and enjoyable. The school year is off to a great start.
OU is a great school and has varied programs that make it accessible for the full-time and part-time student alike.
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The University of Oklahoma offers excellent education programs and opportunities for its students. I have been able to obtain my Master of Human Relations and am now looking to obtain a Master of Arts in Museum Studies. This will enable me to be well versed in an area that I am most passionate about.
I knew about OU's reputation for great sports, but that excellence doesn't come at the expense of amazing academics. On a campus tour with someone from the graduate school, I found out that the football program funds an art museum there!
The University of Oklahoma has a very traditional feel to it. It also is a rather large state university, but runs and feels like a small one. There is always something going on and it is easy for students to feel at home here. I loved my time at the university and truly believe in many of the values the school holds it's students to. There are some improvements to be made, but the faculty and student body are constantly working towards these improvements to make the campus and the world a better place. Plus, you can't neglect Sooner Football and the incredible arts! Boomer Sooner!
THE best place to study Native American law--whether certificate course, Masters degree or beyond. Applicable in virtually every career choice.
Thought it would be better, but it's the typical pool of close-minded individuals; both professors and students. One often must endure one-sided comments and rants on their political and social views, without factual evidence. Oh, and President Boran, Athletic Director Joe Castiglione,the Board of Regents, boosters, ex-Head football coach Stoops and his entire staff, condone violence towards women when the violent act is performed by a football player (Joe Mixon). Search the video online, sick. He was RED-SHIRTED, which is what most athletes do their first year anyway, then allowed to start until he entered the NFL draft 2-3 years later. sick
If you like to drink and watch football it's for you. I don't like either and was a little disappointed in the low level of professionalism in my program
I have only gone through the application process on the Europe/overseas campus so far, but it has really been a pleasant experience so far!
I've enjoyed it. I couldn't ask for more as an active duty military officer. The classes have been challenging, yet rewarding. The instructors have pushed me in each of my classes, which I am grateful for. In all, I've had an exciting time and am pleased that OU provides military personnel a welcome experience.
Excellent online learning format! Personalized attention! Innovative. Future ready, just what I need, instruction.
OU has many majors for students to look into if they are undecided. Also, the student life at OU is very robust, offering many activities.
Currently completing an online Masters in Education. This is the first year this program has been offered (21st century teaching and learning). What I have been most pleased with is that it is truly an online course. Further, all of the professors have been willing to change their content to fit the needs of the cohort. Yes, this is a cohort style Masters, which means you complete all the requirements with a small group that moves through the steps at exactly the same time. The ability to collaborate with these great educators has been invaluable!
I like that all of the faculty really cares about you succeeding.
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