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University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Graduate Reviews

4 reviews
Excellent school with instructors that work hard to ensure your success. The programs provided are well rounded with focus on a strong foundation and clinical experiences.
The University is a health science center located in Oklahoma City. It has diverse graduate students doing various health degrees.
I like the fact that it's in the heart of Oklahoma City. The HSC campus has every health science college (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, etc.) grouped integrated together with OU - affiliated hospitals and institutions.
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Large medical campus that is easy to get lost in. Largely disconnected from Norman OU campus, so do not expect much continuity if transitioning from Norman campus to this campus. Also, most professions seem to stay to themselves and there is very rarely mixing of different colleges unless you are in the student union. Everyone seems to stay in their own silos and there is very little communication between different disciplines unless you are located within the same college/building.
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