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University of North Texas Graduate Reviews

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UNT has excellent professors who work great with students and really have an amazing understanding of their content they teach. I’d love to teach here at UNT one day!
University of North Texas is a good state university with excellent professors. It does not have the most beautiful campus.
When I first toured UNT, I had my heart set on another college, but I decided to give it a chance. I ended up meeting all of my best friends here, I got my undergrad here, and now I'm working here full time while I get my masters. I can not imagine going anywhere to pursue a higher education.
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Great beautiful campus with tons of opportunities for students. Getting involved is easy with the large number of organizations on campus(there's WAY more than just greek life yall...). As I graduate this coming May, I feel extremely prepared to take on a full time job and I feel equipped with the tools and knowledge to go far wherever I go.
The University of North Texas has a beautiful campus with amazing professionals and peers. This institution really wants to help students succeed. The environment is welcoming, and I feel like I belong on campus. I have enjoyed my classes and engaging with the UNT community.
The University of North Texas is a great campus. They strive to help the students to the best of their availability and try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. The staff is great and really helpful.
Great school! Friendly community of students, faculty and staff. Wonderful place to live, learn and work.
Overall, very good. The professors are very prepared and understanding. The student seem overall well prepared and dedicated.
Little orientation, however, to international students. The situation with the wellness center for us is really not the best if you arrive there already with health issues (like, a car accident). The mandatory health insurance to us is outrageous and only starts August 14. God forbid you have an accident before that day and/or you feel sick before that and you need medical assistance.
UNT has a diverse campus comprising of students from across the world. With one of the top programs in research, music and visual arts it is a dream institution for many students.
Living in Denton, TX for almost half of my life, UNT has always been a campus near my house that everyone knew about. I earned my bachelor's degree from TWU and decided to earn a Forensic Science Certification at UNT. Watching its growth over the past years made me so excited that I ended becoming a student here myself!
UNT is a great diverse university that provides a great education. Although the area of Denton, TX is a more expensive area as far as housing is concerned, it is a great place to live and go to school.
I am from Ivory cost, as an international student UNT gave me the perfect environment to grow. I have learned so much during the pas few years at UNT.
It is a good university that is funding-limited by its small size and public-university status. At the graduate level, many students are commuters which makes it harder to build an academic cohort.
I love attending UNT. I had great interaction with the professors and was able to get plugged in to research quickly. The professors genuinely cared if I succeeded in the course, and were great at helping me when I needed it.
I had a positive experience at UNT for the most part. The professors in my major (logistics) looked out for the students as far as having recruiters come to campus to interview, as well as preparing us for a career in our field.
I am a medical student here and I absolutely love it!!! They are a very well respected Osteopathic school and give a wonderful education! highly recommend!!!
They offer excellent online programs and provide graduate study cohorts to areas without adequate programming throughout the nation. Graduate school costs are an incredible value and in-person, local cohort interaction is a wonderful addition to an otherwise online program.
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I had a great experience at UNT. I got my bachelor's degree at UNT and now I am going for my Masters as well at UNT. One thing I would like to see more is diversity.
The University of North Texas is a very diverse college, nestled in the city of Denton, Texas - AKA a mini Austin, TX. The college has plenty of opportunities to get involved, fun on and off campus, and many career placement opportunities.
I am receiving a graduate degree at UNT and have been pleased with my experience thus far. The degree of education, the support from the department, and the available opportunities make it a great place to be
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