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University of North Florida Graduate Reviews

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Unf is built on a nature preserve and they offer all sorts of outdoor/camping equipment for free! Your class sizes stay pretty small so your professors will know you personally. All of the staff have always been amazing to work with. I went here for undergrad and grad school, I love it!
This University is a great place to learn. I have enjoyed the time i spent there. The campus is very inviting and a pleasant place to walk through. A lot of the classrooms have been recently updated and the property is up kept. I have benefited from the classes I have taken and I think the professors are very competent.
The campus is excellent. Parking is a headache, and more garages closer to classrooms would really help out. The library is a great place to study, but I wish there was more food options in the center of campus.
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beautiful campus, university feel without huge classes of 400 students. every professor I've had was very helpful. tailgates, but no football team.
I did a college tour of UNF when I was visiting Florida and I loved it. The food was amazing. The people and students were super nice when talking to them and asking them about the school.
I came to UNF as a transfer student, psychology major. I was unsure was a real university would be like but UNF exceeded my expectations. I found a mentor who inspired me to do my best to help kids and an academic advisor who went above and beyond to help me. I am now a grad student in the school counseling program and about to start my career thanks to UNF!
Nobody talks about drugs. When students talk about drinking, it's never pressuring.
Florida is very hot and humid making it miserable to walk to and from classes outside.
Everyone is super nice and helpful. There isn't a clique feeling.
There's a great variety of franchises and school cafeterias.
Too much paperwork. I have to fill out paperwork for information already in my FAFSA, and send a W2 although I didn't get one this past year.
I love that my school is big, but not too big. The class sizes aren't huge. Advisors are incredibly helpful.
There isn't Greek houses, which I think helps prevent cliques forming.
There isn't many apartment complexes. UNF is in a more upscale side of town so the apartments are a little more expensive, but safer than other parts of town.
The computers are up to date and fast. A personal computer isn't required during class, but easier to take notes with.
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