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University of North Carolina at Charlotte Graduate Reviews

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I love my program, which is the master's for counseling. The professors are extremely knowledgable and humble, the campus is also beautiful.
I have had wonderful classes with some really terrific professors. I love my school and the campus is just beautiful.
UNCC is awesome because it has the big city feel to it. The campus is absolutely huge and new. You could explore it for four years and still end up finding out new things. There are over 27,000 students so you know that you can find a group of people you click with. Lots of different cultures going on. The only problem with UNCC is that its a commuter school. People don't typically live on campus because its so expensive. They live all over the place. So student life isn't that great. You have to really work at that on your own. Otherwise its wonderful.
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I'm satisfied with the things at UNC-Charlotte thus far. I have noticed this year that more of my classes are online. At first it was a little nerve racking because of the assignments that was due. A change can be lowering the parking fees.
There is a lot of diversity in the university from what I can tell. There are some Muslim women who have to cover themselves in traditional garments, some boys openly cross-dress as women, and there is always a mix of students in each classroom. However, it's common to see wide diversity in the first couple of years of college, up to the end of the sophomore year and the 2000 level classes. Once junior and senior years get going, I've noticed much less diversity in the classroom because there are fewer minorities finishing their degrees. For example, my senior seminar had 15 white students and 2 black students. But regardless of who or what people are, there is a wide range of acceptance and friendliness from peers that make UNC Charlotte a great place to go to school.
When a professor writes a syllabus, they really stick to all the rules of conduct, especially when it comes to late work, absences, etc. I had one professor give a classmate a zero on a weekly assignment because she had to write between 100-200 words, and only wrote 99. Ridiculous. Yet they always lecture too long so that the assigned work is never on track with the calendar. It's frustrating to have to rush through the last couple of weeks of class and prepare for finals when they don't spend enough time on the material. If you want to do well, you just have to show up.
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