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University of North Carolina - Greensboro Graduate Reviews

9 reviews
Collegial, supportive, and challenging graduate program! I'm a pleased English PhD student who has been here at UNCG for a year now.
UNCG Greensboro gave me a great experience since attending. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to have a safe enviornment and get a great eduation.
There is a diversity of academic programs to choose from and many online courses which are convenient. The value of the school is great as it is not costly in comparison with other universities, yet you still get a quality education.
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Great school to attend. It has all the things that you need to make for a successful transition to the workforce.
UNC Greensboro is a wonderful, inclusive, and inventive university! You will not regret choosing UNC Greensboro as your new home!
I started going to UNCG about 3 years ago after receiving my associates degree at a community college. From the beginning they were very attentive in helping me meet my academic goals in terms of time length and career preference. The professors were really involved in the success of each of their students even given the amount of students that were in their class. The lectures and materials that were provided by this University was essential to our success and preparation in our field of study. Needless to say, I consider my experience at the University of North Carolina Greensboro quite delightful.
I am a first year graduate student at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. I moved here from northern California and have found being at this school to be a very good experience. The campus is not huge so it is easy to navigate by foot. It is a pretty campus with lots of trees and quite a few old, historic buildings dating back to 1891 when it was first established. My professors have been great and very accessible for office hours. There is one great dining place (Moran Commons) although it is rather pricey and there are also a bunch of fast food restaurants in the dining center. Students are friendly and you can really feel the concept of "southern hospitality" here. I have felt welcomed. There are lots of student organizations to join as well.
I liked a couple of things about UNCG. First it is very diverse and close to where my parents are from. So I was close to home being at UNCG. We have a new Recreational Center that has a really awesome set up for new students to work out and socialize. This facility has a rock climbing wall, swimming pools with projector screens, and multiple workout studios. The things I did not enjoy about UNCG were that the dorms were old and worn down, the financial aid workers were unhelpful, and all of the students go home on the weekends so there is not a big socializing crowd.
Worst college ever, I was selected in this University for Fall 2015 for MS program. I was there for only one semester. I did really well in two subjects but in one subject i got failed. Although i also worked hard in that undergrad subject. I felt really bad because our professor was not good in that subject and question paper was really tough. I was asked to take that subject again and then i decided to change college.
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